Power tools 


One week until the show hanging and I’m still trying to finish cases. This is the time I wish for the power tool fairy to complete the project. She hasn’t been seen for months! What a slacker! So, I’ll slog onwards through the process , building character and skills as it progresses.  
Yesterday it took me hours to figure out how to make the case.  For some reason I couldn’t imagine how it was supposed to be constructed (lap joints, routered edges for inset work and a hinged back to the case). After playing around with little sketches, I pulled out a large sheet of newsprint and created a full scale drawing.  Success ! Why I didn’t do that from the start, I’ll never know. My brain forgets between wood sessions. Of course, if my father was still around, he would have said “you dummy, do a full drawing!” Anyway, measurements are figured and cutting can begin. Still need to figure out how to use the bench router from my dad’s tool collection. One step at a time today.

We’re also having warmish weather at 50F. Much better for time in the garage.

Published by paperstew

I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

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