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 Slowly but surely my body is coming back into line. From a kidney infection to discovering the final gluten toxin destroying my intestines (hidden inside my multi vitamins- labeled gluten free but not since they don’t  know what’s going on with their ingredient suppliers). So now, maybe my body can finally start healing on the strict AIP diet. That’s my goal for the new year, to gain some sense of health and pain free existence. 
Anna’s sketchbook is slowly becoming closer to finish. I wish I could say I’m finally done, but it’s still not there. I skipped ceramic class last night and worked more on it. Yesterday my brain was freaking out over the next show deadline. The show, Fragments and Pieces, will be on display from January 31-March 2 at OSU Memorial Union Concourse Gallery. The director chose 8 artists from the Open Studio tour back in October. I’m excited to be part of the group. It’s been many years since I’ve had a piece in that space. Somehow I have to come up with 8 pieces for the 7′ space. Possibly a 12′ space since one artist had to cancel. I’ll be out in the garage working on frames for the next few days. There’s no electricity in the cases so no lighting of anything. Such a bummer since what I’ll be taking is designed for lights. Oh well. 

We shall see what today brings. 

Christmas Cactus flowers: colored pencils 

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I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

20 thoughts on “And a bit more…

    1. Having multiple autoimmune diseases hasn’t been the easiest thing to comprehend and work with. Healing my body is imperative right now, especially if I want it to stop turning against itself. Yes, it would be nice to do something with the storefront work, but this isn’t the show. They will continue to wait in the dreary garage until a brighter life can be figured out.

  1. Oh poor you. Your health has been such a hard slog. It’s awful that suppliers take such a negligent attitude to their products when they can make people so very ill. I hope you’re well enough to be able to think about visiting Wales, would be so lovely to have you to stay xxx

    1. I do continue to think about taking a visit to Wales! It will happen this year! If I can get my body inline and figure out how to travel with major food restrictions. Enjoy Africa!

      1. Most of Western Europe will cater for most food in tolerances and allergies now so don’t worry about that. Even France, so they say 😉 Once you’re here, it’s easy to get to so many places. It’s a 3 hour flight for us to be in Marrakesh and it’s fabulous. I can feel the sunshine filling me with Vitamin D

      2. Basically, anywhere vaguely German it’s pig, potatoes and cabbage; Scandinavian it’s pig, fish and cabbage; France it’s anything that can be killed smothered in butter, cream, wine and garlic and Italy it’s pasta. Maybe that’s ever so slightly jingoistic 😁

    1. I blame genetics. I ended up with the bad lot of genes ( being the 4th child). Oh well. Eventually I’ll gain the upper hand and get back to a happier life. 🙂

  2. I am so sorry you have had such a tough time, I wish people would realise that it really matters that they know what is in there products and correctly label them. The consequences can be significant. Your drawings look lovely and I hope your improvement continues. Karen

    1. Thanks Karen! I’m starting to feel better, enough to push forward with the upcoming show. Deadline is the 29th for set-up. I so want to finish Anna’s book yet torn between so many art worlds right now. There are 5 thrown bowls waiting for trimming at school…. maybe Monday!

    1. We have daffodils poking their heads up! Some will be blooming in less than 2 weeks. Spring is coming! Better health to come too! Thanks!!

    1. I’m finding it really difficult to separate all the layers of art right now. The upcoming show takes top billing, then your book and ceramics are neck and neck. February is going to be a superb month!
      I’ve really enjoyed working on the flowers for your book. Colored pencil work has been extremely challenging since I never use that medium. I really appreciate all the blending and gradation of your pages. 😉

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