Wheat Start

wheat start1_geverettstudio

After lunch today, I set aside the hazelnut design and started playing with wheat. Wheat fields are so beautiful to drive by. They have such a uniform look, so perfect in height, such a soft appearance. To watch the flow of wind through a yellow ripened field…ahhhh, just lovely on a summers day. Of course, if you grind up those grains and force me to consume them, all hell breaks loose in my body! Yes, I’m a true Celiac diagnosis. At least I can appreciate the beauty of the fields as they mature in our area of Oregon.

Creating the hand-cut paper panel of Wheat is going to be a bunch of work! Lots of skinny lines and tight areas to cut. I’ll keep progressing forward and see what comes out. The above image is a small practice piece to see how it feels to cut the grains. I think it will end up looking pretty good.

Happy Friday and start to a long holiday weekend!

Published by paperstew

I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

6 thoughts on “Wheat Start

  1. Wheat has such a great pattern to it, this looks great. Now wheat is something I know well and watching the breeze dance through a wheat field is one of the great moments of summer. Somehow the movement of the uniform wheat makes the breeze into a tangible presence and you can see its course as the wheat bends and waves to its presence. Karen. (Pretty poetic first thing in the morning, it’s the depth of winter here and I am longing for the sun, your words and image brought me a hint of hot dusty breeze and ripening grain).

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