The Big Picture

From the Land_Halsey 2016_geverettstudio

I’m a tad tired today and not feeling very productive. Tomorrow is the first scheduled deadline for the project: The plan for the art installation in the specific space and short description for the community and property owner. Hopefully the above diagram will provide enough general information for all parties involved. I’ll spend the rest of the afternoon working on a short description.

So far my work all focuses on plant life. I’ve been considering doing buildings and other architectural landmarks, but it just doesn’t feel right. The quilt-ish feeling of the work leans towards the Amish/Mennonite history of the area. Agriculture and the paper mill are the dominate jobs in the area. I really want to keep the three long panels as a triptych of the landscape to the west. The small center squares will show hands that are grasping or shaking (as in friendship,community, or unity). It feels like it’s coming together. Hopefully others will like the concept!

More cut paper to come. Designs to come: grass, apples/pears (home gardens), cut trees, clover?, and a couple more!


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I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

7 thoughts on “The Big Picture

  1. Like the whole concept and the Menonite focus spilling into the small squares.

    Your concept of the large panels being landscape blend the whole thing together; though my head wondered …. “What about elongated architectural themes on those panels?” Not the artist mind for sure, you never cease to blow me away, but it felt like the blending of “old world (Menonite principals/jobs) to nature (crops etc) to new world (buildings and architecture)”.
    Can’t wait to see the outcome beautifully shown.

    1. Actually I’ve started designs on one of the elongated buildings (the grain elevator),which also ties with the agricultural theme. We shall see what comes…
      Thanks for your input! I love hearing ideas from everyone!

    1. Yes, yes it can! And a way for the general public to own a small piece of the project. Hmm, I might have to check my contract again to make sure that doesn’t conflict with what I signed…

  2. This project is working so well, it is great how it is coming together and links so many elements of your community together. You really should be very proud of your design prowess. Karen

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