Clover and Grasses

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Whew! It’s August 1 and I’m finally making advances creating art for Halsey, OR. July was consumed by house projects, from re-roofing to installation of a new heating system. Those projects are completed but others have sprung up to compensate for the changes. I won’t bore  you with that stuff, but I suspect the work will take us through to the new year and beyond.

Progress report on art!

I waffled over how to create an enlarged version of the paper cut works. Initially, I planned on passing a disk off to one of the copy centers and have them deal with it. Then I got cheap and figured it could easily be accomplished in-house with tiling the images together. I spent some time reviewing how it could be accomplished with Indesign (which I have an old copy of). However, my copy is SO old, it won’t tile a poster image. *Sigh* Then I jumped into creating a PDF and seeing if my old Adobe reader/writer could accomplish this task…. nope! However, I did figure it out on the newer system and it works!

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Two panels are now completed (clover and the mature grass)!  The poor dogs are rather neglected from all the extra time spent in the garage (a dog free zone). Not sure how I’ll make up for it tonight, but a walk might help!

grass and clover_geverettstudio

The clover cut took about 10 hours to complete. The grass only 6. I’m dreading the wood ring cut. That will take several days! Urgh! Hazelnut design will be tomorrows project.



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I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

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