Rt panel idea_geverettstudio

Far Right Panel Idea:

I’m pushing myself forward as the new week approaches. Sunday afternoon I sat down and did a quick and inaccurate cut of a barn, fields, and Mary’s Peak in the background. I didn’t even really think about all the perspective lines and where the true horizon line should be located. I’ll need to go back in and get more specific with everything. I really just wanted to see if this concept would work as a long panel to the far right. Simpler design. Nothing too fancy. Nothing too detailed. All the big detail are in the smaller works. The image is based on a photo I took a week ago while in Halsey.

Center Panel Update: Isn’t it done yet???? 

It’s getting closer to completion. I had a rough start that didn’t look so hot due to a screw up with perspective (plus I needed to add on an additional foot of sky space, and that just didn’t work). So, the image below shows the first attempt on the left and the most recent on the right. By placing the granary to the top of the frame, it helped provide needed line support. At the bottom are trees. There were also houses in the image, but I omitted them along with the Cross Bros Seed  & Grain Inc signage. I did try to use the words, but it was too much. It needed to be simple. Halsey residents will know what it is. Working with shrubbery will be challenging enough.

Also remember that everything that’s white will soon become black!

granary pair_geverettstudio

Far Left Panel?

No design started. I’ll make yet another trip back out to town for a photo shoot. Idea possibilities:  more fields with a different barn or hay bales stacked or piles of grass seed.

Isn’t it fun to continue designing and redesigning panels as they go along?

Northwest Art and Air Festival

We slacked off until Sunday morning to chase balloons. It was a beautiful morning! Below are a few photos of the chase.

pano of balloons_august 2016two balloonsyellow balloonmoby Dave Hazel_august 2016

Dave enjoying having both dogs along. It was Hazel’s maiden voyage uncrated in the car! She was so horribly afraid, but it got easier as time went along. We were out for about 2 hours. hazel balloon_geverett

Ok, I’ll leave you all and head back into the studio. Only one dog with me until Monday night and no Dave (he and Moby went to Yachats for a nice break). We will see how Hazel handles life without her big brother. So far, so good.

Have a great start to your week!





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I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

8 thoughts on “Onward!

  1. I think your instincts definitely led you to the right choice. The clean lines and simple statement of contrast work so well together, resulting in a very impressive work of art. You use a minimum of detail; sometimes “less is more” is very apt. I am eager to see the final piece.

  2. The grainery is working well now and looks good with the other building. Chasing the balloons looked like a lot of fun. The photo of Hazels ears are amazing, she has such elegant twiny ears, is she part elf? Hope she enjoys the single dog life while Moby is away. Our dogs enjoy a bit of solo time with us, they get all the attention. Karen

    1. Hazel is part Mosquito or Flea. Maybe mischievous elf… Basically, a total pest!
      Life without Moby was harder on me than him. He probably enjoyed some of his time away.
      I’ll be back at the art project tomorrow. Today was ALL about hanging a show in City Hall. So glad it’s up! Too bad we didn’t have more participants. 😦
      Hope you’re well!

      1. All good here, Rosie has moved on from cute puppy and is now a nonstop chew machine. She just runs around searching for the next thing to chew, first daffodil of the season, pond fountain, outdoor setting, Hannah or my foot. As she is just starting to teeth, I think we will have this for some time. Should I send her over to Hazel?

      2. 😄. Hazel would love her, but I couldn’t handle another high energy dog in the house. The photos you posted of both dogs swimming was amazing. Hannah would be lost without her new sister. They make such a lovely pair.

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