More signs of Spring

This morning as the dogs and I were out on our walk, I noticed yet another sign of spring, the first sighting of a Swallow. It was only one (possibly a Tree Swallow), but more will follow. In the backyard while taking a break from mowing I sighted a  butterfly. Spring Beauties, a type ofContinue reading “More signs of Spring”

ArtFest around the corner

ArtFest occurs every spring in Port Townsend WA. Located on the beautiful grounds of Fort Warden State Park (where the movie “An Officer and a Gentleman” was filmed) hundreds of artsy-crafty folks descend. April 1-5 are this years dates. A total of 27 instructors teach individual classes each day. Last year was my first andContinue reading “ArtFest around the corner”

Rocky without Bullwinkle

The Nigel cat has caused our household much dismay from his culinary choices. It has enabled hands-on learning about our surrounding rodent population due to his plate du jour. The field mice and voles abound in our wild backyard. Cottontail rabbits also show up on rare occasion. Sometimes I only have half an animal toContinue reading “Rocky without Bullwinkle”

Modified Digital Photo Frame

The first of March was a busy day. My oldest brother called after the Satsuma press workshop wondering if I was feeling creative.  He had a small project up his sleeve that required some matting skills. His goal was to recycle an Envision LCD monitor (our mother didn’t want)  into an elegant digital photo frame. Continue reading “Modified Digital Photo Frame”

Satsuma Press Workshop

What a great way to start March! About a month ago I signed up to take a 2.5 hr workshop from artist Lynn Russell at her Satsuma Press studio. Lynn is a recent transplant to Corvallis from Portland. She has built up a nice business on Etsy and through shops prior to moving here. SheContinue reading “Satsuma Press Workshop”

Artful ballot box creation

On February 28th, the Arts Center will be holding yet another Chocolate Fantasy & Art Auction. Joni and Bernie corralled me many months ago to create tastefully executed ballot boxes. Having worked for the Arts Center for several years, I couldn’t turn them down. The three boxes didn’t turn out too terrible.  The one thingContinue reading “Artful ballot box creation”