Vet time

I’ve been a giant slacker with blog posting due to our crazy household and lack of art creation. We just passed the Week 2 mark with the new dogs. They’re acclimating but I’ve never experienced such horrible dog breath in my life!! These two enjoy giving smooches and breathing right in your face. Blech! WasContinue reading “Vet time”

Critters, Vet time and Mosaics

This morning I woke to my furry household members demanding food. Feeding critters is always the first thing on the agenda. With one bouncy dog (Moby) and one ever watchful arthritic geriatric dog (George), the cat (Nigel) typically jumps right in for his share of attention. But today was different. He normally begs  & criesContinue reading “Critters, Vet time and Mosaics”

Book Box Extra

Friday, I dropped off the book box to to Dick’s  home. Two of the major participants for coordinating the memorial book for Marie were also in attendance: Cheryl Maze and Susan Liser. There was one change made in the box cover after taking the initial images. I added a place to insert narrow pictures orContinue reading “Book Box Extra”

What the cats bring in

Living with two cats can be quite lovely but devastating to the local environment. Yes, I know we should keep them as indoor only cats, but our current household situation doesn’t quite allow it. I have great guilt over the issue of allowing cats outdoors. Growing up with an avid birdwatcher and nature conservationist makesContinue reading “What the cats bring in”

Sunny day and signs of spring!

Sunshine Warmth: 56+ degrees F Blue Sky Is it really January 21???? Today’s weather certainly has been grand. I woke quickly and headed to work for a meeting about this year’s Corvallis Fall Festival poster design. On the drive in sunshine poured through the sky creating lacy shadows from bare deciduous trees on HWY 20.Continue reading “Sunny day and signs of spring!”

Rocky without Bullwinkle

The Nigel cat has caused our household much dismay from his culinary choices. It has enabled hands-on learning about our surrounding rodent population due to his plate du jour. The field mice and voles abound in our wild backyard. Cottontail rabbits also show up on rare occasion. Sometimes I only have half an animal toContinue reading “Rocky without Bullwinkle”