Crazy Fur

The elusive Zeek starting to emerge… Eventually I’ll have to start work on his nose.  Labradoodles have the craziest coats, curls in one area then wavy hair in others. Beards too, kind of like Moby. Maybe that’s why I enjoy their look. Proofed in a new Burnt Sienna ink, just for the fun of it.Continue reading “Crazy Fur”

Working through problems

Sleeping dog in sun.  Feet and body in shadows. Warm daylight. I’m amazed the grainy texture is slowly disappearing as new colors are scraped over the top. The image becomes more resolved as it moves along, an interesting process to witness. My cousin recently commented “for someone who claims not to paint, it’s awfully painterly!”Continue reading “Working through problems”

Explaining a process

Monday morning I received a nice email from Lois. She has been following along with Julie & Glenn’s progress, but her husband hasn’t. Tim, you should really be keeping up! LOL! I sent her a quick run through using “The Lick” print (the one prior to this image). I also mentioned showing the screen forContinue reading “Explaining a process”

Color 3 down

After several days of interruptions, I managed to carve out a bit of time Sunday afternoon for printing color 3 on Julie & Glenn. Since this is a larger image and more complex, it takes quite a while to block in with screen filler. I judge time by how many CD’s I go through. ThisContinue reading “Color 3 down”

Mystery Screen: color 5 and finished

Well, the mystery certainly left in color 4. So, here is the fifth and final color. The ink wasn’t dry when I took the shot so there happens to be a bit of glare from overhead lights and doesn’t look very dark. But it’s finished. It’s so finished I’ve already signed and bundled up theContinue reading “Mystery Screen: color 5 and finished”

Portals Project: day 7

Our first frosty morning was spent cutting hemlock boards in the garage.  Cold! Why do I decide to work on wood projects during cold weather? Why not during the summer? Guess they just never surface during warmer weather… or the garage is too hot during the summer. Picky, picky, picky! 😉 This is the casementContinue reading “Portals Project: day 7”

Start of Terrier Print

We are invited to attend a good friends 55 birthday party on Saturday. He is a dog lover extraordinaire so I thought “why not create a little dog art!”.  Patrick & Cynthia recently put down their old terrier. Unfortunately, I have lost all my reference photos of little old Danny, so a generic Boarder TerrierContinue reading “Start of Terrier Print”