Going Electric


I think I’m still in shock at having a new vehicle in our driveway. The last brand new car we purchased was way back in 1990. All the rest have been used. And now this little thing. I’ve dubbed it “the bug box”. It’s a 2012 Mitsubishi MiEV. All electric.  My husband commutes an average of 35-40 miles per day. Part is 55mph hwy, the rest at lower speed. He used to drive a 2000 VW GTI, then switched to my little 1992 Honda Civic since it still gets better gas mileage. The Bug Box went into use yesterday for commuting and so far, so good. Every time he drives it, he loves it more. This week is about learning the best energy wise route to Philomath (there are multiple back road routes to take). Fortunately, his workplace is already equipped with a charging station thanks to my big brother Mike.  Yes, Mike owns a MiEV too, having purchased it last Friday. My husband went up and purchased the other one on Sunday. Our car is much cooler looking (Mike got the white one with the blue electric plug decal along the side).  😉


I’ve ridden in a few of Mike’s electrics before, but never driven one on my own. The most surprising thing is the lack of engine sound. It’s so darn quiet, well, except for the special buzzing sound it makes at speeds up to 25mph. If it didn’t have something, pedestrians wouldn’t even know you were coming! I took it out for a spin alone and it made me smile. Maybe going grocery shopping will have more appeal with the new car. Undoubtedly there will be tales to come since no one owns an electric car in our neighborhood and there are only 6-10 MiEV’s in the state. We already have neighbors stopping to talk and other friends considering a MiEV for their own….



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I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

2 thoughts on “Going Electric

    1. Thanks! We just received a check from the insurance company for the other car. Not quite the way I wanted to part with a vehicle. Just glad both parties were not physically damaged in the end.

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