Thai Gold and Purple

geranium finished


On one of my many trips to Eugene, I took the opportunity to visit Oregon Art Supply and gather up a few missing studio goodies. I was so tempted to purchase a bunch of book binding cloth and other fun stuff, but I refrained!  I kept the purchase to a minimum; new paper, photo mount spray, and spray fixative for charcoal. Not too bad. The new photo spray mount was a must have. My other bottle was near the end and actually ruined one of the cut panels (2 hours down the drain!). The new bottle works perfectly! The purple trim in the above image was part of the paper purchased. I’ve been using Thai Unryu paper which is thin, comes in big sheets and does a nice job for trimming out the luminaria edges. The new paper is stiffer, thicker, fits nicely in my flat files, and is different to work with. I like the color plus the fact that it’s sturdier than the Unryu. I’m certainly open to changing things around a bit.

My plan is to spend the rest of April increasing stock for the new shop opening June 1. Photos, some sort of hang-tag (business cards?) and a variety of other fiddly things are needed. I also need to create new light bases and test LED bulbs. Hopefully family drama will remain calm. Fingers crossed.




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I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

4 thoughts on “Thai Gold and Purple

  1. A visit to an art supplies shop is so full of temptation, especially if there is a sale on … I have to be very tough with myself, so I sympathise! The colours you are using are wonderful, so rich. Do you find that the purple is lightfast?

    1. None of the paper is lightfast from what I can tell. I’ll be recommending to people that they keep the lamps out of sunlight if they want the colors to last. 😦

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