Seedpods and Tests


Slowly, things are emerging on the full page spread, starting with pencil and eventually moving into color. I pulled out a magnolia seedpod and urchin test (yes, that’s the official name for the shell). Both of these items spend a most of their time situated directly below my computer screen, an area that is deemed safe. So far the cat hasn’t whacked them off the desk, nor has the dog attempted to consume them. Fingers crossed that I keep the door shut while I’m not in the studio.

I also spent a bit of time cutting a bird today. It seemed a shame to let the blue paper go to waste. Now all it needs is a frame, light and acrylic. High time to pull out the power tools and make a mess in the clean garage!



Published by paperstew

I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

5 thoughts on “Seedpods and Tests

  1. I started cringing when I read “cutting a bird”….didn’t scroll down enough for the art to show….love the bird you CUT! nice image! And the sea urchin sketch is dreamy!

    1. Thanks Rebecca! Yes, saying I was “cutting a bird ” probably didn’t sound the best, but I’m glad you read further and saw the image. 😀

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