Moby Forest continues…

Moby Forest

Isn’t it done YET??? Oh my goodness!!! I’m just furious with myself for not getting things moving and out the door! What the heck is wrong with me??? I guess life keeps rearing up and stalling progress forward.  The next book is on it’s way…

So, what’s been happening? Well, more coastal stuff, trying to grasp the next move with all the clearing out, sorting everything once it comes home and re-homing/recycling/trashing before it enters my house. Monday I had a site visit to Halsey to start figuring how the big installation will move from the garage attic to the pristine walls behind the city council desk.


If you recall, the piece originally fit on a 20ft wall span. Now, it will have the two end panels living on the short side walls  and the small squares and the center panel will take up the space behind the mayors seat (about a 16ft wall span).  The strong shadows will not be part of the interior flavor, but oh well. Guess you can’t have everything. Plus the work will only stick out from the wall about 2 inches, so a change of hardware will be required. Another thing to figure out over the next several weeks.


The other odd ball thing in the mix is a couple of dog wall murals at a training center about 6 miles from home. Sometime in September I’ll wander over to have a good discussion with my friend. A very interesting design challenge to figure out.

sharons training centerSharons training center1sharons training center2sharons training center3

And then there’s the big wedding on Saturday for my niece. We’re so happy for her!kirsten n gale

More craziness to come!


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I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

5 thoughts on “Moby Forest continues…

    1. Thanks Kate. It’s been a slow process with the city writing grants to bring the work back to it’s proper home. I’m just glad it will bring love to the city. 🙂

  1. We all say, “Wow, impressive!” They are lucky to have your piece and what a great idea to incorporate that into their government building.

  2. Your page looks wonderful, it was lovely to see it on facebook beside Rebecca’s, they lead from one to the other so well. It will be so exciting to have your artworks on permanent display in the council chambers, what a great expanse wall to have!

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