Second Bird

I never quite know how to arrange my days right now. Do I spend it at home or head to Eugene? Part of me feels guilty for not going down. Ok, a huge part of me, but I need to back away. Today I chose to back away. I worked on another bird that wouldContinue reading “Second Bird”

Paper Bird

Hurrah! I finally cut something new!!! The design is for an 8″x 8″ lighted piece. This is the first attempt executing the concept from drawings to cutting. I’m actually pleased with the form but still need to figure out additional tweakings. The bird was influenced by a piece of brightly-colored Mexican folk art I grewContinue reading “Paper Bird”

Cut in red

I’m seriously considering purchasing a cutting machine to save my hands from further damage. The above stencil is 6″ wide by 15.25″ tall (15.25 x 38.7 cm). It will yield an elegant lamp in the end if I can cut and assemble it. So picture the black becoming a white/offwhite background and the red eitherContinue reading “Cut in red”

Attempting a little work

I can’t believe it’s already Wednesday! Today I finally felt inspired to start working on a new lamp design. Part of it was due to the studio cleaning on Tuesday. I eliminated clutter (well, kind of), actually put things away, and cleaned off the full drafting board surface. That surface hasn’t seen daylight in months!Continue reading “Attempting a little work”

22 days left

A blast from the not so distant past! I ran across a memory stick that had snuck it’s way into my husbands stash. On it were a few photos from 2011. Above are the 6- 4″x 4″ hand colored block prints created for a piece titled “Loop 36 Trail”. It became a sculptural work and isContinue reading “22 days left”

Quiet but busy

The rain has finally come back to us after many days of beautiful sunshine. It’s needed since the pollen counts have been dreadful. I’ve been trying to gain a better grasp of organizing my time between all sections of life. I feel more glued to the computer, anticipating things popping up from work, artists slowlyContinue reading “Quiet but busy”


We are in a short stretch of hot weather. One source says it’s currently 90 F (32 C) at 5pm! Just shocking! Perfect weather for G & T’s and a little BBQ. What month are we in?? I thought it was still spring in Oregon, not Texas?! After spending a few morning hours working outside in theContinue reading “Summer?”