Cat scribble

Not certain what happened to Sunday since it went by so quickly. We went to brunch at Eats n Treats in Philomath and then Dave had to go into work for a while. The ‘while’ turned into all day, which I kind of expected. He had been putting off paperwork for 3 months and itContinue reading “Cat scribble”

Two Feet

This morning we went out on a 3+mile walk with the dogs during a sun break. It was warm enough to shed rain gear and expose arms and faces. We’ve been getting pelted with storms, one after the other. Lots of rain and wind. Too bad it’s not stacking up the snow in the mountains.Continue reading “Two Feet”

An even foot

  Another quick foot image today. It’s been forever since I’ve tackled attempting body parts. While in school, I loved life drawing class. Pulling out the big sheets of paper onto the drawing boards, sitting on the uncomfortable wooden benches, and getting covered in charcoal. I never dressed nicely while at university. Grubby pants &Continue reading “An even foot”

A foot behind

I was a tad tired last night and didn’t want to wander downstairs to compose this post. I’ve been attempting to de-clutter the house of 20 years accumulation. So many items are already in the donation piles, loads being recycled and even some stuff is heading right into the trash. While poking around in aContinue reading “A foot behind”

Quick Cat

Today’s sketch is of Nigel. I never draw the cats, so I’m not as confident working with their angles (and in Nigel’s case, the overly plump belly). It’s a Eugene day, so I don’t have the time to spend really looking at all the important parts. So it’s a quickie. I can say I didContinue reading “Quick Cat”


A Belgium draft horse, belonging to a dear friend, became my subject matter for today’s drawing of an eye. I love going out to their farm to see the critters. Giant horses, sheep, and plenty of wildlife. During the summer, their garden is huge! So much time and care involved with everything on the property.Continue reading “Eye”


  I was reading online about the February drawing challenge. One sketch/drawing a day for 28 days. Since I really need something to keep me motivated, I’ve decided to give it a try. My studio has been undergoing a bit of a cleaning and I ran across a photo of a sandpiper (or something similar)Continue reading “Shorebird”