Tuesday I was sucked up by the need to work but torn between jobs.  The day started with working on my new job as website manager for the Arts Center. Nothing like learning new frustrating computer stuff while trying to balance art obligations! I’m in a steep learning curve at the moment, it’s bugging theContinue reading “Wax”

Sticky fingers

This is going to be a busy week!  I have about 5 days to get my plans and introduction together for the Rural Storefront installation project. My brain works best bycombining sketching with model building. The above image is one of many camas sketches but with vine charcoal & pastels. An exercise to get my brain thinkingContinue reading “Sticky fingers”

In search of supplies

  This week has been filled with so many things. I’ve been trying to get a handle on my new job, delivered 6 lamps to a new shop, hubby’s birthday, cat care for our neighbor, and much more.  There have also been counter offers on my dad’s house too. Research has commenced in earnest forContinue reading “In search of supplies”

Field Trip #2: Halsey

Tuesday was an enjoyable day. No specific appointments, just a simple drive to Eugene to pick up mail and visit my sister. However, I took extra time to explore Halsey and the building for the Art in Rural Storefronts project. Initially I stopped off at the recently remodeled train station that holds City Hall, aContinue reading “Field Trip #2: Halsey”

Field Trip

Friday afternoon, under beautiful sunny skies, I took a brief field trip to Finley Wildlife Refuge. The refuge is located south of Corvallis on 99W. My buddy Harry had told me about a road filled with blooming camas. Of course, that was last weekend and I wasn’t certain how much blooming continued due to the recentContinue reading “Field Trip”


On Thursday I received excellent news regarding the Art in Rural Storefronts project. The towns had made their final selection and I was among the chosen!  Woo Hoo! Halsey, a small town I pass through regularly, will become home to my creation from Oct – Dec 2014. That means you, dear blog followers, will be subject to many posts onContinue reading “Accepted!”

Looking into ideas

I grew up with parents who wanted to know about the surrounding history and geology of Oregon. When we traveled, which seemed often, we had numerous books stuffed under the front seat for easy access: roadside geology of Oregon, numerous plant & tree identification guides, bird identification guides (plus binoculars), and a state geographic namesContinue reading “Looking into ideas”

Sketches and news

Monday certainly kicked off to a good start. I spent part of my day working on new designs for lamps. The fern has been used before and I continue to enjoy their form. However,  they need a longer format than 10″, so now I’m playing with 11″ height and it feels much better. I also didContinue reading “Sketches and news”

Art in Rural Storefronts: Sweet Home Reception

What:    “Art in Rural Storefronts”, Meet the Artists Reception in Sweet Home, Oregon Where:  Mountain View Plaza, Suite D, 401 Main Street, Sweet Home, Sweet Home Economic Development Group When:  Jan.18, 2013 at  5 PM, light refreshments. More Info: www.theartscenter.net/exhibit/art-in-rural-storefronts-project/ On Friday January 18th at 5 PM, The Arts Center and the Sweet Home Economic Development Group host a receptionContinue reading “Art in Rural Storefronts: Sweet Home Reception”

Unseen Natives: Signage

Today I received a very nice email from Hester with a couple of photos attached: She received help from both Brian (shorter ladder) and Robert (tall ladder) with window cleaning and vinyl letter application. Nice job guys! A big thanks to Arts Center staff who helped pull things together (Hester & Joni, I’m talking aboutContinue reading “Unseen Natives: Signage”