Mom’s Heart

Back on Friday the 25th, my 79 year old mother went in for heart surgery to have a double bypass and replace the mitral valve. She assured us that she would make an amazing recovery and be out of the hospital in five days. Her body had other plans once under anesthesia. Surgery went smoothly and everything was patched and in place quickly. While in recovery, she experienced a series of 5 seizures. The doctors put her through a series of tests searching for clots and extra bleeding but found nothing. She remained sedated until Sunday and slowly came around. On Mon & Tu, she experienced a lot of confusion. By Wednesday she seems to be getting better brain connections.  She told me that “If I had known things would turn out this way, I wouldn’t have had the surgery.” I’m curious to see how things are today. Did she even recognize me yesterday? She did call out “Thank you for coming” as I was leaving with Kim & Lee.

My sister and dad have been rocks through this all. Well, the rocks have been getting a bit saggy with all the stress.  Kim started showing the extra sag yesterday, hence my speedy departure from work to help her out. Looking forward to having a visit from Tom and hopefully Mike over the weekend. Prior to surgery Evelyn made a huge point of telling us kids that we were not to come visit her in the hospital. She might be happy we are ignoring her wishes!

The festival came and went through all this extra stimulation/stress. I did realize yesterday that during the weekend I could “act” like a functioning person, but if I had to really think about a particular task (ie: getting out supplies for the bookkeepers at closing) I wasn’t the most effective. Maybe my friends have other stories of my actions…

I think my reliquary has  inspiration now. Actually two possible sources (heart or leg) I’ll explain later about the leg amputation in October for my mother-in-law…..   Did I metnion reality sucks?!

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4 thoughts on “Mom’s Heart

    1. Thanks Chris! Things seem to be looking better day by day. Driving down for daily visits helps all involved. Was there really a festival last weekend?! Seems like just a dream…

  1. Ron & I are with you in spirit as you all meet this challenge. Evelyn is a strong willed woman and you’ll be pushed to the limit keeping her down. Just keep her aware of how much she is loved by all of us. Sending good wishes from Arizona. M & RD

    1. Thanks Marilyn & Ron for your comment! She really enjoyed the photos you sent.
      Yes, she certainly is a strong willed woman! We’re glad her “will” is finally showing through the haze of medications. It will be interesting to see what her accomplishments are today.

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