Mom’s Heart: Day 8

Actually I’m sitting at home on day 9, wondering what will be in store for today. Looking back on day 8, I can see more baby steps forward. On the downside:  Kim and Lee received the 2am call from the frantic mother wanting to go home. She yanked out tubes yet again, tried numerous times to push herself out of bed and just wanted to leave. They strapped her arms down, reinserted feeding tube etc. Not a fun night. That was also the night I encouraged Kim to try a low dose sleep aid. Unfortunate that it coincided with Evelyn’s struggle. Poor Kim, she will never let that one go. Evelyn’s heart did venture into abnormal rhythms and the doctor placed her on Cardizem drip (sp?).  This is fairly common as we learned in Thursdays class. Her coughing has increased (not so good) but they are giving her bronchial dilators and a big suction stick. She refers to it as her “gag stick”. It’s to help suction out the crud in her throat. Swallow reflexes have yet to resurface.

On the upside, the nurses removed the IV from her neck that day.  Mike went to visit around 3pm and Dave & I arrived around 4:30. We all stayed until 6pm, much longer than any previous visits. She did quite a bit of talking.  I talked with Kim this morning and she reported no 2am phone calls. The hospital started having a CNA stay with her round the clock to make sure tubes stay inplace.  We will head down and meet up with my nephew Jeff for a visit. Seems like bringing along a book to read out loud might be something of interest. She stopped reading about 20yrs ago, well with exception to articles related to her botany or other interests. I’m thinking she might enjoy Oliver Saks. Wonder what GrassRoots might have in stock…

Off to the great Riverbend edifice and the lovely ICU!

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4 thoughts on “Mom’s Heart: Day 8

  1. So glad you were able to take the class! You’re going to find yourself better able to advocate on her behalf as her care plan develops.

    You might try to get as much horticultural therapy as possible happening in her recovery space. Amaryllis bulbs, houseplants, seeds, the smell of soil or a tomato leaf, scented geraniums…if she is a plant person, simple growing things will resonate with her on a visceral level!

    Also consider music. Amazing things can happen with exposure to a few of her favorite CD’s. A break from the rhythm of hospital noise can really help.

    Feel encouraged that there is strength rising up in her ability to convey thoughts and remove tubes. That’s the kind of strength that can bring recovery and healing!

    You’re in our thoughts; be well!

    1. Hi All
      Thanks for the suggestions. Ella, you are certainly one in the “know” about healing in the hospital with the amazing things you and the ArtsCare staff do for all the patients in Corvallis!
      I’ll get going with the music and plants, both great suggestions. Well, the plants will have to wait a few days until she reaches the cardiac ward! I’ll be heading to Yachats for requested goods.
      Things are looking better!

  2. Hi Gale, thanks for your blog. I know Kim is weary and I appreciate you filling in some spaces on Evelyn’s recovery. Rhoades suggestions are good, Kim had mentioned the radio, that would have me doing what I could to get out,and I don’t imagine you can do much until she is out of icu. Sorry to hear about the amputation. Anyway, thanks, Aunt Jean

  3. A strong-willed patient there. Can’t blame her for not wanting to be in some hospital room. Bodes well for her recovery.

    I had surgery once, and music was my best pain killer. The nurses all told me I’d have to come back for treatment of hearing loss. Ah, the good ole’ days of heavy metal and Walkmans…

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