Mom’s Heart: Day 9

Large positive changes today! Lee’s first comment on our morning phone call was “She has good color today”. Not bad coming from him. Mornings are not her strong suit. She had another bad night, but not as bad. Dr Ameen (Amean?) had a brief chance to talk with Kim on her first visit. He stated that her oxygen levels were doing fine and he wanted to get her off everything that he could. So the oxygen tube came off! One less thing to bother her face and dry the nasal passages. The next big move was catheter removal. Yet another step towards freedom. She now has to work more with the nurses, but it seems to be going well. Kim, Dave & I all had to step out of the room while she was maneuvered into her commode.

Physical therapy is lacking over the  weekend at the hospital (basically non-existent). Fortunately the nursing staff is willing to work with patients and had Evelyn sitting in a chair three times. Gabi & Susan (nursing staff) both are thrilled at her strength and desire to get out of the bed. She is much happier being upright!  Dr Ameen, aka Dr MEAN to his patients, wants to push Evelyn’s activity levels and get her walking.  Unfortunately she is still experiencing heart arrhythmia and is connected to several IV bags. They tried 3 times to drop the Cardizem medication but the heart slipped back into irregular function. The doctor has upped the levels and she will remain on it for now.

Blood sugar levels are good, feeding tube still in place, swallowing not improving but maybe in a day or two with more physical therapy. Her coughing was down from day 8 and she didn’t have to use her “sucky stick” as often while we were there. During her chair session she was able to find her comb and work on her hair. There is a small cup with vaseline for her lips and dry nose. She reached over and could pick up the swab and brushed some on her lips and nose. On day 8, she couldn’t manipulate the TV controls but during day 9 she could.  We asked about her hallucinations and they seem to be fading. The drugs are moving out of her system, thank goodness! Having camels and wispy dark people with green snot hanging from their noses just don’t sound like good company! She seemed much more like herself.

We left her waiting for “Last of the Summer Wine” to come on OPB. She was going to have a more normal Saturday night watching  British comedy and falling asleep on the adjustable bed. We felt much relief.

After finding a few items from Evelyn’s car, we headed to Mazzi’s for a nice dinner. Calmer food & surroundings than Ring of Fire on Friday night. Sorry Mike for not making it to your performance. His group was the headliner for Block 15’s birthday bash (Blocktoberfest). Mill About Smartly has drawn the largest crowds when they perform at that venue.

Day 10 for me will be going coastal to pick up a flannel shirt she requested, checking in with her neighbors and gathering mail. Tom & Mike will be visiting her during the afternoon along with the other troopies. Kirsten had a chance to stop by Saturday to see her grandmother’s new digs while on lunch break. Kind of nice to have her working there and able to check in on her grandmother and mom.

Now if we can just get her swallowing!

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