Mom’s Heart: Day 12

The big word today was WALKING!

Evelyn experienced a more restful night. With all that rest and new found energy, the physical therapist put her to work. She had two walking sessions in the morning, learning the finer points of getting one’s body up to standing position without the use of upper body strength! Then, with walker in hand, the PT had her take 75 steps total down and back in the hallway. Later on they had her go for round two, 40 steps total. By the time I arrived around 3pm, she was exhausted. Lee was just leaving her room and Kim arriving. I helped swab on some Vaseline for her crusty upset lips. Mike the PT came back for a little more torture before getting her back in bed. She had also gone through a workout with the speech therapist earlier in the day. Evelyn commented that she didn’t push herself to the maximum because she knew it would wear her out.  Her dissolved oxygen is still in a great level of 98%. They are concerned she might aspirate liquids into her lungs so all juice must include pectin. Day 12 cuisine wasn’t discussed. Once she returned to bed, she sent Kim & I out the door. She was tired and it was too much to even listen to talking.

She is finally grasping the sobering realization of what’s in store for her recovery. Many, many (many!) long days of physical therapy and pain. Her dreams of returning home quickly have shattered. She even mentioned to Lee or Kim that it would be a while before she COULD return to the coast home. Fortunately the nurses and PT’s are so full of wonderful encouragement and hope for her recovery.

Mike and Shannon will be on her entertainment roster for day 13. She is very much looking forward to his humor. She needs funny & uplifting energy, something Mike can handle! Bryant is interested in going down, possibly on Thursday. Kim is back at work on day 13. I will not be visiting her today. Lee, the trooper, in it for the long haul (his words) has one small project in wood that I’ve sent his way. Kim and I have been trying to figure out other things to engage his brain and pump up his energy. The project will get him out to visit the wood folks at the Campbell Senior Center.

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