And yet another development…

As I published the last post, the phone rang. Kim called to let us know she and Lee were called by Evelyn. Apparently the radiation treatment didn’t happen because “she was lacking something” (this according to Evelyn). She was also reporting yogurt being fed into her veins. Hummm… she must be on some good drugs tonight. We will find out more tomorrow.

Tom will arrive around 9am on Friday. Meeting at hospital around 9:30am.

Did I mention that it feels like we’re on a roller-coaster of a ride! Holy cow!

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I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

5 thoughts on “And yet another development…

  1. Lee bowling had me chuckle. I can’t see him doing that, but then my imagination isn’t what it once was. We keep sending positive thoughts your way and admire all of you rallying around Evelyn when she needs you. You are a family acting like a family. Hurrah!
    Love, Marilyn and Ron and Sparky dog

    1. It’s funny, we used to go bowling at least once a year with his old company. He and Evelyn both were excellent bowlers depending on their health problems.

  2. I’m curious if the radiation did or didn’t happen, since she was confused about yogurt. I don’t call as you may be in the hospital or other compromised condition. So, will you let us know when you can, love, jean

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