Fixing Things

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Last month I was asked to contribute a work for our local arts center fundraiser in October. I’m a sucker for helping out this particular group since having been a volunteer and staff member. When the request came forward, I tried to pass along one of the camas plant sculptures, but they wouldn’t take it. Instead, they wanted one of my papercuts. So, they are receiving a smaller version of “A Walk in the Woods”. When I initially created this work, I had issues with one panel, the blackberry vines. The boarder wasn’t perfectly straight and detracted from the overall appearance. After several days of work, I managed to get one to meet my standards. Each square is 4″ x 4″. The overall dimension is 17.5″ x 16.5″ x 2″.

Once the panels were back in place, a photo was needed for publicity. Urgh! I don’t have a designated photo spot, nor a great way to deal with a hanging piece. Fortunately, I have been working on the garage walls and happened to have a large enough space cleared to attach a big sheet of grey fabric to the wall (stapled), set up 3 lights and run a piece of mono filament line to help stabilize the work (removed via photoshop). 2.5 hours of set up gave me the below image.

Stroll in the Woods, Gale Everett, hand cut paper, hemlock, spruce, metal
Stroll in the Woods, Gale Everett, hand cut paper, hemlock, spruce, metal

This is what the garage set-up looked like….   not a pretty scene, nor easy to maneuver through!


I’ve been super quiet of late due to numerous things surrounding my health that I’ve been trying to fix. Let’s just say my brain was sucked dry and creativity/art/life went out the door. I’m slowly adjusting to new medication and hope to get back to creating again once my brain settles down. Philomath Open Studio tour is coming quickly and I’m so behind with creating and also trying to do anything for their blog.

I’m hoping to regain some blogging momentum again, but it might take a few more weeks!




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10 thoughts on “Fixing Things

    1. Some of the health issues are slowly getting better. I have an MRI scan at the beginning of October to shed more light on continuing foot pain. The other stuff is waiting for medication to slowly come into effect. I really need a giant vacation away from everything. 😃
      Glad you like the piece. I was on a forest series kick for a couple of years…. I’m probably still in it right now!

  1. Beautiful composition, they all work so nicely together. Sorry to hear about the health issues, but sounds like you are on the path to feeling better….good to see you posting…you have been missed.

  2. This is really beautiful Gale! I can tell you put a ton of love into this piece. I’m sure it will be well received with open arms.

    I’m so sorry you have been feeling badly. There is nothing worse than feeling under the weather when its so hot.

    1. Thanks Cathe. The work was originally created for this benefit, but it didn’t sell. The current art procurers saw a quick studio photo and wanted it. We shall see if my art ranking has increased enough for someone to buy it!

  3. Gale,
    Your art is beautiful. I also got a chuckle about the juxtaposition of the “art-only” image with the garage one. Very funny!

    1. It’s amazing how people would never know what chaos surrounds the creation of art. I normally bug my friend to use her dedicated photography space, but I didn’t want to conform to her busy schedule, hence the home photo. 😉

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