Artists@Work: day 4

Does it work for all artists to be out of their comfy studio and into a public venue for a month? Is it easier for a 3D artist to create vs 2D while on display? It’s too early to tell for our group of four but it will be an interesting conversation for next week.Continue reading “Artists@Work: day 4”

Artists@Work: Day 3

Even before taking off to the Arts Center, I had to snap one photo of all the vultures in the back field. Grass seed farmers were cutting crops today which stirs up a great commotion in the avian world. I counted over 20 turkey vultures, 3 red tailed hawks and one immature bald eagle gettingContinue reading “Artists@Work: Day 3”

Artists@Work: Day 2

Kendal joined into our group today and it’s a pleasure to have her! The gallery finally feels full now. It’s funny to see people’s responses to the show. Most folks don’t even want to venture into the space even though there are big signs saying “Please come in!” People are expecting that the exhibit isContinue reading “Artists@Work: Day 2”

Artists@Work: Day 1

It was our first of many work days ahead in the month of July for the four artists involved in the Artists@Work exhibit. Below are some of the images from my work space and co-workers. This is a shot of my “studio space” surrounded by a few of my works. I brought in a charcoalContinue reading “Artists@Work: Day 1”

stalled project

Something interesting has started growing on my pig gut. Another artist had asked if there were problems with things growing on or consuming the pig/hog intestine sculptures after drying. Organic materials… you never know! On initial thought, I replied “No”. However I should probably revise that answer. After four or five days of drying, myContinue reading “stalled project”

More wire and gut

I’ve been playing around with more wire in hopes of finding something that feels right. This concept has been in the works for a couple of months and I was anticipating finishing it for the Howland Community open. But then life changed. Current status: in progress. Displayed on the table are the wire forms waitingContinue reading “More wire and gut”