the sickie

How does one reason with an elderly sick parent? I guess as diplomatically as possible without crushing all their sense of self. I had the Sunday shift with my dad and kind of dreaded it because I knew I would probably be wrangling him over to hospital. When I got to the house at 9am,Continue reading “the sickie”

As the blood drips…

Sounds like the title of a hospital soap opera! Monday night I found out my dad’s blood levels had dropped to an unhappy level. His oncologist got him signed up for a blood transfusion on Tuesday. So I drew the lucky straw to accompany him on the blood journey. I first thought we would beContinue reading “As the blood drips…”

Redirecting daily routines

First off, we did put George down on Monday night. I was horribly sad but relieved to let him go from his failing body. The household feels void of a certain energy now. So much extra care has always enveloped our senior dogs that it’s taking a bit of time to readjust.  Moby and IContinue reading “Redirecting daily routines”

A little Emma time

Thanksgiving is this next week and my house is a total disaster. Rather than start cleaning, I started printing & making a larger mess. It had been several weeks since last working on this block and I determined that wasn’t good. Especially after I started cutting away more. But other art projects needed my attentionContinue reading “A little Emma time”