Sleep Deprivation and Demon Dogs

This morning started early due to “Demon Dog” Moby jumping on the bed. 70 lbs of leaping dog is  something you can’t miss, especially when it’s on your sided.  Nudging, pushing, standing over the top of me staring, stepping all over my legs, the Beast was making his point loud and clear. Hungry! Food please?!Continue reading “Sleep Deprivation and Demon Dogs”

Studio Photos & Card Making: day 2

Since there is often quite a bit of down time waiting for screens or paper to dry, I thought it might be nice for you to see my printmaking space prior to finishing the screen show. The slat wall helps hold many printmaking supplies along with journals and a mish-mash of items. The flat fileContinue reading “Studio Photos & Card Making: day 2”

Creating Cards

I have been looking around the studio in search of cards to sell during the upcoming event in July and discovered only one left. Wow, guess it’s time to get cracking on more! The last set were actually scrounged leftovers from a different project. Too many House 4E prayer flags created on paper so IContinue reading “Creating Cards”

Blowing through April

Here I am at April 25th, feeling like this month has been utterly unpredictable in weather and life. Two days of beautiful sunshine on Friday & Saturday, warm enough to open the sliding glass door. Now we’re back to rainy, windy, dark clouds, sunbreaks with rainbows sort of weather. My grandmother used to complain aboutContinue reading “Blowing through April”

Spring Windowsill

It has been a beautiful spring scene looking out the kitchen window. This image was taken a couple of days ago when it was sunny and more petals were on the plum tree. In the foreground is part of our glass collection with Jerri Bartholomew (birdhouse & fish), Sarah Morrissey( multi-colored abstract) & a DaveContinue reading “Spring Windowsill”

Sunny day and signs of spring!

Sunshine Warmth: 56+ degrees F Blue Sky Is it really January 21???? Today’s weather certainly has been grand. I woke quickly and headed to work for a meeting about this year’s Corvallis Fall Festival poster design. On the drive in sunshine poured through the sky creating lacy shadows from bare deciduous trees on HWY 20.Continue reading “Sunny day and signs of spring!”