Mom’s Heart: Day 12

The big word today was WALKING! Evelyn experienced a more restful night. With all that rest and new found energy, the physical therapist put her to work. She had two walking sessions in the morning, learning the finer points of getting one’s body up to standing position without the use of upper body strength! Then,Continue reading “Mom’s Heart: Day 12”

Mom’s Heart: Day 11

Positive! On Day 11 she made a big shift to the Cardiac floor! Hurray! The new room has a west-facing window with lots of light, great for watching the sunset. Heart arrhythmia finally settled out on Day 10 and the Cardizem taken away. Hallucinations continue, but those could go on for another 6 weeks orContinue reading “Mom’s Heart: Day 11”

Mom’s Heart: Day 9

Large positive changes today! Lee’s first comment on our morning phone call was “She has good color today”. Not bad coming from him. Mornings are not her strong suit. She had another bad night, but not as bad. Dr Ameen (Amean?) had a brief chance to talk with Kim on her first visit. He statedContinue reading “Mom’s Heart: Day 9”

Mom’s Heart: Day 8

Actually I’m sitting at home on day 9, wondering what will be in store for today. Looking back on day 8, I can see more baby steps forward. On the downside:  Kim and Lee received the 2am call from the frantic mother wanting to go home. She yanked out tubes yet again, tried numerous timesContinue reading “Mom’s Heart: Day 8”