More wire and gut

I’ve been playing around with more wire in hopes of finding something that feels right. This concept has been in the works for a couple of months and I was anticipating finishing it for the Howland Community open. But then life changed. Current status: in progress. Displayed on the table are the wire forms waitingContinue reading “More wire and gut”

Sunrise January 7, 2010

Tree silhouettes are fabulous during the winter months especially at sunrise or sunset.  This morning was particularly stunning. All the black lines of varying thickness overlapping & crisscrossing. What do they remind me of? Maybe they are neurons in the brain or webs created by some creature.  Maybe it’s something in the lungs or veins/arteriesContinue reading “Sunrise January 7, 2010”

Japanese Exchange Show

January bring forth new art at home and abroad. Western Oregon University’s Dan & Gail Cannon Gallery of Art opened their new show Saitama {Japan} To You, exhibiting works by Shiroyuki Iwagami, Motohiro Kozawa, Masashi Takasuka, Tessei Yokoo and Masato Yoshioka.  According to Kim Hoffman, head of the art department, the show has been inContinue reading “Japanese Exchange Show”