Orange to Brown

Monday was a good printing day.  I managed to pop out 3 colors on the new Moby Lick image. Sunday I started with pink. Monday started with a peachy/burnt orange color then moved to reddish brown and finally a chocolate brown. Peachy burnt orange over pink. Next color (reddish brown) Final color today. So far,Continue reading “Orange to Brown”

Cleaning screens and starting fresh

Friday afternoon I decided to start yet another screen print of Moby. I’ve been hesitant to start due to the unresolved problems surrounding the last image (still in the works). What a great opportunity to try a new batch of extender uncovered from my dad’s studio. The label says it’s Speedball Extender, but it mightContinue reading “Cleaning screens and starting fresh”

Sunday colors

I got a break from dog walking/care today. My husband took Moby out for a huge walk at Peavy.  Sunshine and beautiful blue sky, though it’s not super warm. This break allowed me to stay home and work through a few colors on the next screen print. Not feeling the love on color 3, butContinue reading “Sunday colors”

New print start

Finally, a new print started! Below is a photo of the white screen with the initial dose of screen filler. Voila! Color! The first color down and it’s certainly peachy. We shall see how the colors shift in this image (I’m not certain at the moment which is the fun part).  You can probably tellContinue reading “New print start”

Mystery Screen: color 5 and finished

Well, the mystery certainly left in color 4. So, here is the fifth and final color. The ink wasn’t dry when I took the shot so there happens to be a bit of glare from overhead lights and doesn’t look very dark. But it’s finished. It’s so finished I’ve already signed and bundled up theContinue reading “Mystery Screen: color 5 and finished”

Mystery Screen: color 4

It’s not much of a mystery any more. Yes, this color certainly brought out the “dog” in the print. I’ve been having fun working with the same container of ink but just altering the values as I go. Add a little more blue, more red, more extender and there ya go. Mr “Counter Surfer” extraordinaireContinue reading “Mystery Screen: color 4”

Protecting the house

For some reason, I happen to be the owner of a crazy freak dog who is determined to keep my attention at all cost. If I happen to ignore him, he runs around the house and gets into trouble. This means I stop what I’m doing, run after him and yank whatever he’s acquired outContinue reading “Protecting the house”

Going to the Dogs

During the final week of September, local artists were able to submit a trio of works to be juried into the Corrine Woodman gallery for the 2013 season. I hmmed and hawed and finally submitted three dog print images. They were all works viewed by friends on Facebook , Etsy, or for those who happenedContinue reading “Going to the Dogs”

Monday discoveries

Why is it when Dave leaves, the dog gets crazy? Currently, he’s off in India  jumping between Goa & Chennai for the next week.  There is one other place but I can’t recall where. Somewhere south of Chennai. I’m at home jumping through dog hoops, trying to keep the crazy boy out of trouble whileContinue reading “Monday discoveries”

Spring Snow 2012: day 2

Spring Snow 2012 Continued! Early afternoon on Wednesday I took a 2 mile loop with Moby. Very wet snow but a nice walk. Nearing the boardwalk Moby pointing at ducks in the marsh area. Our house before the extra snow. The snow kept falling for the entire day and increased after 6pm during our secondContinue reading “Spring Snow 2012: day 2”