Bringing in the pro!

I passed along a few dollars to one of our local photographers, Harold Wood, for some stunning images. Harold’s work is tops! Now I have images of the two works for the Ag show plus a stunning pix of my leaf coat from 2009. Here are the results: Journal Entry: February 1, 2011, mixed mediaContinue reading “Bringing in the pro!”

Forest Project Continued

With the initial “Walk in the Woods” project completed, gears are shifting to tackle the next. I’ve decided to approach the art through printmaking and cube construction.  A total of 7+ cubes will be created, depending on time, and will relay a visual story of a hike through the forest during the month of February.Continue reading “Forest Project Continued”

A Walk in the Woods

“A Walk in the Woods”  is looking finished for the Howland Community Open today. Only part lacking are two eye screws to hang from the wall/ceiling/window. I wonder if it will make it on the “curators wall”. That would be a big honor. Drop off time is between noon and 4pm Saturday January 29th. ThisContinue reading “A Walk in the Woods”

Filling in Squares

Progress has been slow but I might still make it for the Howland Community Open at The Arts Center in Corvallis.  Today I found perfect screw eyes to connect the squares and clear hemlock for the frame.  However, I’m realizing the screws purchased will not cover all the connections needed…. back to the hardware store!Continue reading “Filling in Squares”

Progress in small steps

The piece is progressing along slowly. I’ve run out of balsa wood and need to replenish. More botanical cuts to make and a couple to re-cut due to mistakes. 10 out of 20 panels isn’t too bad. Each square is 4″x4″x1/2″. Still need to find some very small eye-screws and links to attach each panelContinue reading “Progress in small steps”

January Studio Time

January has been filled with rain, snow, ice and a couple of warmish sunny days. Perfect weather to be working indoors on art projects.  The Art About Ag show is my main creating focus for the next couple of months. With any luck, project #1 might be completed before the community open drop date onContinue reading “January Studio Time”

Kauai Trip: Po’ipu hike

Along the southern edge of Kauai is a 2+ mile trail that travels along the shoreline to a beach. The Maha’ulepu coast trail starts next to the Hyatt Regency Resort at Shipwreck beach and heads east. It snakes along the shoreline over Makawehi bluff, traverses part of the golf course, through an ancient heiau, overContinue reading “Kauai Trip: Po’ipu hike”