Long Pod

Another one ready for the big studio tour.  Still working out the kinks with the hanging system, but I think prototype #4 is a possible winner. I feel like it’s crunch time for getting things ready and I’m a bit distressed at how little studio time will happen this week due to several things goingContinue reading “Long Pod”


All I want to do these days is stay in the studio and create pods. Not a horrible thing since the open studio tour is coming at the end of October. Create to sell, right?  I just wish stuff in Eugene didn’t keep requiring attention. Two pods are completed and one is waiting for copper.Continue reading “Creating”

Nasty weather

Here we are on the verge of Corvallis Fall Festival and the weather report really sucks. There are multiple storms coming to our doorstep bringing inches of rain,  30 mph gusts and flooding. Tonight the first one comes, then another moves in Saturday and yet another on Sunday. The weather service calls them “unseasonable” andContinue reading “Nasty weather”


I have one week to go before Fall Festival and nothing terribly interesting to bring in the 3D world. Well, at least what I consider interesting. I’m pretty sure other people have different ideas. My supply orders are slowly dribbling in the door. Still waiting for rattan and glue. No glue = no lamp/luminarias ofContinue reading “Thorns”

What to bring?

On September 28 & 29, Corvallis Fall Festival will be ruling Central Park in Corvallis. This is the first season I’ll be part of a booth rather than helping run the festival. Yes, after 9 festivals the tide has turned! I was invited to participate in this year’s Philomath Open Studios tour in October/November. AsContinue reading “What to bring?”

Back in town

Hurray!  Today was really about art. Not sorting, dumping, recycling items from my parents home. No emails (well, as of yet) or phone calls to tree cutters (ok, it was only texting… no phone call) siblings or other folks related to the family stuff. Today I went and helped hang work by members of thisContinue reading “Back in town”

Rejection & Acceptance

It feels like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders. Who would think receiving a rejection could do that?! With everything stacking up in life, I think receiving the rejection was the best thing ever. So, what was the rejection for? The 2013 Rural Arts Project. I’ve already moved on, plotting out ideas ofContinue reading “Rejection & Acceptance”

Good news and cake

Tuesday happened to be my husband’s birthday. Coworkers decorated his office and took him to lunch. I planned a yummy pesto halibut dinner with a chocolate ganache cake (gluten free of course!). A new recipe and possibly a keeper. A little more tweaking required. Might have been even better with real flour. On Tuesday, IContinue reading “Good news and cake”