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Case for the Bird

January 23, 2015




The bird light is slowly taking form. Yesterday I spent a bit of time with power tools and scrap pieces of lumber. The case is now 8″x 8″x 5.5″. It might become a bit narrower since there is a split that formed on one of the sides. I’ll need to do a bit more tweaking to give more reveal for the paper by using an angle cut or something similar. We shall see. By the end of today it should be pinned, clamped and glued together. Hopefully a bit of sanding to follow.

Which paper is the best choice for light diffusion?  After auditioning several types, mulberry was the winner. I’m still figuring out what color the front bird should be.

This piece will be heading to the 8″x 8″ show in Brownsville at the end of January.

Second Bird

January 20, 2015

GaleEverett Studio_paper bird 2_2015

I never quite know how to arrange my days right now. Do I spend it at home or head to Eugene? Part of me feels guilty for not going down. Ok, a huge part of me, but I need to back away. Today I chose to back away. I worked on another bird that would fit the size constraints for the Brownsville show. The above image is to be a template for the next rendition. The white will switch to a dark colored paper and I’ll probably use velum behind the bird. If the velum doesn’t diffuse the light well enough, I’ll switch to mulberry.
Next step is to gather materials for the finished product and decide what color would best suit this bird. Citron? Black? Burgundy? So many possibilities hanging out in the flat files and other bins of paper! I’m also contemplating trimming the frame with metal. Probably too many things to contemplate for now. One step at a time.

Off to the garage to see what wood is available!


Paper Bird

January 19, 2015

GEverettStudio_paper cut bird_2015

Hurrah! I finally cut something new!!! The design is for an 8″x 8″ lighted piece. This is the first attempt executing the concept from drawings to cutting. I’m actually pleased with the form but still need to figure out additional tweakings. The bird was influenced by a piece of brightly-colored Mexican folk art I grew up with. I used to love looking at that painting! The surface was filled with so many lines and colors! This particular cut ended up well over my size limit, so it’s back to the drawing board! Maybe I’ll actually have something by next week.

I’ll be mounting the cut paper to a wood frame that will be back-lit with an LED bulb.

On the home front, we moved my brother into his home last Friday. I can’t wait to step away from the situation. It’s been way too much family time and not enough time for my life.

Thinking Ahead

January 7, 2015

There are a couple of small shows approaching towards the end of the month/February that I would love to enter. However, it requires me actually sitting down and working in the studio. My brain still hasn’t been able to swing focus back to life here at home. The constant confrontation of daily things regarding my brother’s health keeps taking precedence. Regarding Tom: Yesterday was pretty monumental. He walked without a walker for two loops around the physical therapy space (as the therapist was walking just behind him ready to grab his belt). I will admit tears welled in my eyes from happiness. What an accomplishment! My sister had to look away so she wouldn’t have the same problem. We managed to get approval for car travel and embarked on a mini trip out! He even had some real food at the Thai restaurant!! Not that I particularly wanted to eat, since I had already consumed a big lunch. I tried to get him to agree to going somewhere he would really enjoy the food, but he kept asking “but can YOU eat there?”, which I couldn’t (major food allergies on my part). So Thai it was. The sunshine was glorious!  We are trying to get him placed in foster care for the next couple of months as he continues to improve.  His strength is increasing and the therapist thinks his wheelchair days are limited. He will continue to use the walker for many more months until he is fully able to navigate without. The big question remains regarding his cognitive and memory ability. Safety and making good choices are a major problem right now. Below is the photo I took at the restaurant. He did a great job of chewing all his food and not choking, well, except for the fluids. That continues to be a serious issue. Ok, enough about him!

tom lunch

The upcoming show at the Brownsville Art Center has a size restriction: nothing over 8″x 8″x 8″. My goal is to create a wall mounted( lighted) silhouette piece, something that would be of interest to the Brownsville crowd. I need to do a bit more research before diving in. There are also a couple of other shows that I would love to create something for, but it would be ok if I missed this year. I don’t want to push myself too much right now and feel awful as deadlines pass and projects unfinished. Playing is good, if I can regain space in the studio. It’s amazing that those cleaning fairies haven’t shown up. Didn’t they get the memo that it’s been over 2 months since anything has been touched? Seriously, I need to get a grasp on the clutter to free my brain. Maybe tomorrow after dealing with my brother today. I can’t spend all week in Eugene…. I hope!



Aperitif and winding down

January 2, 2015


Is it really only January 2? It feels like more time has already passed since yesterday. Probably something to do with waking up at 4 am and not getting back to sleep. I spent an hour of my morning in the dentist chair, cringing at a teeth cleaning. It would have been more comfortable if I hadn’t spent the last couple of weeks ill. Now my teeth are ready to chomp into the next 6 months. Today I also spent almost 2 hours with my brother Tom. I witnessed him tie shoe laces, pull on a sweatshirt, eat some of the dinner I brought from last night’s left-over creation, get really pissed off at one of the therapist who wanted to enter his room while he was on the commode. I’ve not told him that he’s constantly under supervision via room cameras. It would cause even more negativity to the surrounding situation. They are still looking for a facility or foster home to take him on for the next couple of months as he gets stronger.
Since it is Friday, we decided to have a margarita. A quick sketch hadn’t been attempted today, so I chose the glass across from me. The pint glass is part of our “Dead Guy Ale” collection (Rogue Brewery). The margarita was mainly a mix and not freshly squeezed (which happens to be the best!). Dinner was a new recipe for coconut milk shrimp. Not too bad, but lacked spices. I managed to alter things enough to brighten and add a bit of heat. Yum!

Off for a little comfort TV and to bed!

And yes, this was created on the iPad program called Sketches.



January 1, 2015


It’s a mellow start to the new year. Dave has spent most of the day in bed watching Robin Hood on Netflix. He’s attempting to keep the illness away, or not allowing it to progress further. Probably won’t help since it didn’t make a darn bit of difference in my case. Anyway, the house and neighborhood are quiet. The dogs had a horrible New Year’s Eve due to the large number of fireworks leading up to and after midnight. Maggie was affected the most, the worst I’ve ever seen in a dog. Poor thing reacts to any surprising noise. We dosed her up with meds and did what we could. Once the fireworks ended, she slept like a log until morning.
I too have spent the day watching Netflix. Currently I’m addicted to food programs. There are so many foods I’ll never be able to consume again, but it’s fun to imagine the flavors. My sister think I’m torturing myself, but I actually find it rather comforting. I’m also on the look out for a culture to visit that wouldn’t make me sick. :)
The above sketch is Dave laying in bed watching on the new tablet. Created with the Sketches program, my fingertips as the stylus, and the iPad as my sketchbook.

Happy New Year to you all!

Ending 2014

December 31, 2014


I don’t know what happened to push this year to a close, but we are right on the edge of falling into 2015. I’m impressed by what has happened over the last 365 days (in my little life), certainly not what I had expected. If we knew what was around the corners in life, we would probably run screaming in the opposite direction. What we do face and manage to move through only makes us stronger than before. 2015 will be filled with many more difficult conditions to plough through. However, there should be some bright points and possible trips to new countries and maybe even a week on the beautiful island of Maui.

My brother will ring in the new year at the rehab center. He is waiting to get a new home (with 24/7 care) until he can regain more control over his body. It’s not sounding too good for the long term situation. He has significant memory/cognition problems due to the lack of oxygen to the brain when the heart stopped. All we can do is keep our fingers crossed, get him on antidepressants, and start moving forward.

Today I sketched a chestnut backed chickadee. They only visit the feeder during winter. Again I used the Sketches program on the iPad.



May the new year bring about good things in your life! Thanks for all your support!! See you next year!


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