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Letting the light through

May 22, 2015

through virgin forests3_galeeverettstudio2015

The skinny cuts seems to have held together, nothing ripped or distorted too terribly much. Next step will be figuring out what color to tint the paper and the overall size/shape. More to contemplate through the weekend. Fortunately, I’ll be working on research for the project while getting away for a few days.


Back to Letters

May 20, 2015


I packed up the collaboration book today for it’s journey to Australia. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to visit FedEx since the electric car lacked charge. Our only gas vehicle was in use by Dave as he played host to work visitors from India and China. 

Today was spent working on enlarging my grandfather’s writing to a size I can manipulate. Initially I tried a silly tracer projector that doesn’t work worth a darn. Then I moved on to working with the scanner and computer. It might have gone faster if I had loaded it into the photoshop program on the OTHER computer, but it just seemed too painful to work on 3 machines. Maybe, someday, all the machines will communicate together easily. Tomorrow I’ll lay out the script and start cutting. Hopefully I have enough xacto blades to work through the piece. 

Collections Project

May 18, 2015

The Collections collaboration book is finally ready to leave the desk! A feeling of relief washed over me as I completed the last portion of the book. It was started by Minnesota artist Cathe Jacobi. You can check out her blog  Amaryllislog HERE. Her book was the first to arrive and I now have a taste of adding work into the collaboration. Two more books to go!

On the first page I added marbles from my childhood collection. They seemed appropriate to accompany the Atlas jar.

Opening page of the Collections Book by Cathe Jacobi.

Opening page of the Collections Book by Cathe Jacobi.

Next Page: Cathe’s stones and feathers have such a delicate feeling. I too have quite a pile of stones but thought it would be better to add a few bone drawings. The skulls are overhead sketches of a bird (from a friend at the coast), and the more menacing one was extracted from an owl pellet a few months back. I got a bit pen crazy on the vole skull!

First spread is a collaboration page.

First spread is a collaboration page.

Cathe’s full spread is elegant and beautifully arranged. Her lettering is well crafted and placed on the page….. I’m totally in love with her subject and style!

Cathe Jacobi's full page spread.

Cathe Jacobi’s full page spread.

For my full spread, I went eclectic. It was difficult to choose items because I have so many things tucked all over the studio. Shells, bones, seedpods and tools survived the eraser. Actually, there was an awful lot of eraser work that happened on this spread and the walrus tooth and fish jaw didn’t make the finals. I’m thankful Cathe used really good paper to withstand the changes! So what’s on the page? I included a wishbone waiting for a wish, a welk and urchin shell, magnolia and iris seedpods, ginkgo leaf, and a mystery tool that has been solved thanks to Cathe, Anna and Karen. The items were arranged as I worked through the page. The lettering (like my brain and studio) was haphazardly placed throughout the work.

Gale Everett's full page spread. Samples from the studio collection.

Gale Everett’s full page spread. Samples from the studio collection.

The book will now travel to Australia and the desk of Anna Warren and finally to Karen Bailey to finish thing off. I still have a couple of little things to add, but it should head out by Wednesday!

Dog Distractions

May 17, 2015


I’m not certain what’s happened to this weekend, except we have an extra dog. Ms Maggie came for a short visit while her parents have a dog free mini-vacation. She’s not a stranger to our home, typically visiting several times a year. This particular visit has been extra enjoyable, probably due to only having one dog and the cats (no giant Labradoodles to contend with). Her mom’s birthday was on Saturday so I wanted to create a quick pet portrait of Maggie. I’ve not taken the opportunity to drawn her before. I really like her flopped and upright ears.

Moby has been starved for another dogs attention since the departure of Reggie and Zeek.  We’ve been holding off on adding a second dog because we’re still debating on what to bring home and when. It’s been nice seeing Moby enjoying Maggie’s company (and vice-versa!). Below are the two watching for rabbits in the back yard.

Maggie_MobyI’m hoping to finish up Cathe’s book today and reveal the additions on Monday…. if I can pull myself away from sketching cute dogs!

Sketch info: 5.5″ x 8.25″ (14cm x 21cm), graphite, micron pens, Arches CP 300gm watercolor paper


Half Spread

May 13, 2015


Finally a touch of wild colors and crazy things. Along with the urchin test and magnolia seedpod, I’ve added a weird drawing utensil. At least, I think it’s a drawing tool! It’s from the strange collection acquired by my dad and his mother. Eventually the bones will show themselves on the other page…., well, maybe. So far there is one bone and a tooth, but the rest is still in the works. I’ll be adding a few other things to the urchin page, shadows, maybe a shell. Time will tell.

I’ll be off to Eugene today due to a request from one of the therapist. Hopefully a good thing. :)

Adding & Testing

May 12, 2015


Rot Project Update: I always enjoy attending critique group and last night didn’t fail. Although my selection of current work was rather slim, I took four of the most recent paper cuttings. The big thing I took away from the group (something I already knew in the back of my brain) was the need to use my g-grandfather’s script rather than a font from the computer. This will require loads more work, but in the end it will pay off. Today I chose to play with acrylic washes over the current test which brought up yet another question: Is it better to create color washes over the paper prior to cutting or after? The above test does prove that it is possible to add color after, but special pressing and drying is required. However, all of the cut edges receive color which makes it look more finished. Just another thing to consider as the project moves forward. Goofy-nit-picky things, but it will make a difference in the final product.

Again, if you’re interested in learning more about the Rot Project, please click on the highlighted link !

Book Collaboration update:  I’ve been working more on the full page spread, with color starting to make an appearance. Maybe tomorrow I’ll post a photo, depending on how far along I make it. It’s certainly more challenging to work on someone else’s book than my own!

Seedpods and Tests

May 6, 2015


Slowly, things are emerging on the full page spread, starting with pencil and eventually moving into color. I pulled out a magnolia seedpod and urchin test (yes, that’s the official name for the shell). Both of these items spend a most of their time situated directly below my computer screen, an area that is deemed safe. So far the cat hasn’t whacked them off the desk, nor has the dog attempted to consume them. Fingers crossed that I keep the door shut while I’m not in the studio.

I also spent a bit of time cutting a bird today. It seemed a shame to let the blue paper go to waste. Now all it needs is a frame, light and acrylic. High time to pull out the power tools and make a mess in the clean garage!




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