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Work Influence

July 22, 2014

I was perfectly happy not knowing what amazing technology was possible with my camera phone. Blissfully moving through life without this extra art influence. Then the new show hit my “to do” list at work and photos started rolling in to be organized for the jurors. Was I impressed with what I saw? YES! Yesterday, I finished re-sizing and uploading images from the accepted artists to the website. This process allowed me to further examine what people were creating. It made me wonder: Can my phone do all that too?

The Arts Center is offering a class specifically on this new photography style by artist Kat Sloma who happened to be one of the jurors for the exhibit. I have no clue how the photographers altered and layered images but I’m tempted by this class. Just what I need right now, something new to clutter my brain!  Wrong! Bad brain! Really, I don’t need it…. but I do!

Below is what I played with this morning after going to physical therapy. Original on the left, altered on right.

zeek originalZeek altered-w


Oh, the happy Zeek boy! He’s certainly been a good art muse for me!

Paper and Shadows

July 21, 2014

paper_shadows_gale everett studio

I have quite a bit of scrap paper laying around waiting to join the recycle bin. Rather than just dumping it, I started working the scraps into other forms. Where this will lead, I’m uncertain. Maybe it won’t lead anywhere, but it helps to process other ideas. :)

More supplies

July 20, 2014


It’s rather difficult to move forward on a project when supplies run out. Let alone find a source for something you know comes in super long lengths but the box chain home improvement centers don’t carry. Thank goodness for our little Robnett’s Hardware store in Corvallis! They carry 20ft lengths of rebar and cut to length! Oh, I was sooooo happy! Plus they had restocked their wire section!  How many customers come in and buy out all their 19 and 22 gauge dark annealed steel wire? They probably think I’m nuts. Eventually I might actually tell them about the project. Maybe.


I should be set for another 3 full stalks, possibly 4!


Ash Flower

July 19, 2014

ash flower

Finally getting close to wrapping up the 3rd camas plant. The black bits on the petals are crumbled up ashes from a book. I’ve run out of rebar and haven’t been able to find another source of recycled/reused material. The local Habitat for Humanity shops are totally empty (but have a great supply of hollow core interior doors for $7). When it comes in, people grab it quick. So, I’ve been looking at the local home improvement shops, but they don’t carry the lengths I want. Too short! Today, I have a couple of other places to check today while in Corvallis/Philomath. Who knew it would be this hard to find a material I felt certain would be in easy supply? If I can’t find the lengths needed, I’ll start strapping shorter  lengths together. It will work somehow!

Purple Cone Flower

July 13, 2014

Thunder and rain have dominated the day, which is terribly unusual for us. Not to mention a short power outage. I’ve been trying to take daily photos of the emerging echinacea out front. I did pretty well for a day, then other things overtook my brain. They are so lovely to watch open.

purple cone 1-1 purple cone 2-1 purple cone 3-1

I’ll be spending time in Eugene this week to help out at my sister’s home.

With life comes death

July 12, 2014

A posting mainly for family and of no way artsy at all:

This morning I was greeted with information that my sister’s husband died of a heart attack. He was the original Dave in our family and I had known him for much of my life. He was a very good cook and always so generous with massive food outpourings for family gatherings. He was always there to help his children in anyway he could.  Even as my sister and he grew apart, he helped her with coping with the death of our parents. You could always rely on him to lend a hand.

My love goes out to my sister and her grown children.

There will be a family gathering at some point but no funeral. Family is welcome to contact me for more information.



Another one completed

July 10, 2014

Camas2_Douglas Fir Book

Second one down, 10 more to go!

I ended up disliking the paper from this particular book. It was way too thick and that lead to a lot of page prep before being able to glue it onto the forms. Note to self: test paper before going full speed ahead! I think I’ve found a nice dictionary that could lend up a few pages. A couple of bibles would be very nice! The paper is so thin…. it would be heaven! Ha!


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