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Second Frost

November 22, 2015
frost thistle

Frost and Thistle

Frost. There is always something special about the first (or the second) frost of the season. It pushes the fact that yes, the seasons are changing. Of course, we would have missed this beautiful experience if the Mexico Thanksgiving holiday had gone through. So far the weather forecast is rain on Monday, shifting to freezing temps through the weekend and even a threat of snow. Hmmm, certainly not what we expect for this time of year. Where is our rainy soggy fall?


Fall Blackberry leaves. Natural stained glass.

The wild birds are needing more attention these days.  The birdbath and hummingbird feeder require morning defrosting. The regular feeders are being seriously depleted on a daily basis.

fall frost

Filbert (Hazelnut) Leaves

I’m looking forward to some of the chilly weather since it offers possible frosty photographs. This is the time of year that helps spur my interest in lines, shadows, and silhouettes. My brain is calming down and starting to look for patterns and interest in creating.


Frosty Metal 1


Frosty Metal 2

Frosty aged metal is another great find in the backyard. The above images are from different sides of the same metal fence post. I’ve taken photos of this post a couple years back. It’s nice to revisit. Maybe this week will bring even more interesting rusty frosty finds!

frost moby

And one final pic of my trusty companion. He really wanted to join me in the far back section of the yard (the unfenced wilds), but no luck there buddy! Mr. “I Don’t Listen To A Word You Say”. Yes, you can stay in the upper yard and eat bunny poo. Let me take my photos in peace. ;)

Is it really mid-November?

November 16, 2015


I’m rather puzzled as to how we’re now at mid-month and I don’t know where time has gone. Ok, I did spend several days doing inventory/banking/clean-up after Open Studio. Then I went to the coast for 5 days with the dog. Last week was all about trying to train the dog for our next adventure. This didn’t go well, in fact the dog problems worsened as each day progressed. The next trip is looming and we’re still uncertain if we will go (thanks to Mr Moby’s brain chemistry issues). I’ve also been delaying passport renewal because of the uncertainty. Fortunately, there is an express service (expensive) that will get it to me in 3 days.  Below is a photo of him during part of my birthday hike exploration. He and I scoped out part of a trail we would hike the next day during an impressive storm.

trail buddy


Yes, we are finally receiving some weather involving rain and cooler temps. My birthday happened to be a gorgeous day. The following day was a full on storm with high winds and loads of rain. Perfect for a 6 mile hike in the woods with over 800 ft elevation gain. We came back totally drenched and aching. Moby and I curled up in bed with a heating pad, hot tea and a good book. By the next morning I could walk again without joint pain. So far, my feet are holding up and allowing moderate walks again.


While at the coast, I fully anticipated completing the final sketchbook project. It’s strange how my energy still isn’t there for finishing this beautiful piece. I had hoped to have it completed well before Anna returned home, but alas, it’s not there. My body/brain is still needing more down time to adjust and recover from everything. I did take along a bag of paperclay that a friend had given me years ago. It still was workable and I played with creating a rabbit head. I would love to pull out some real clay and make some more critters.


By Tuesday night, I will know if the trip is on. Today I’ll put in my paperwork and application for the passport renewal. It needs to be done anyway. Maybe I’ll start my undersketches in Anna’s book. It would make me feel so much better to get it started.

Artists Running Amok- part 1

October 21, 2015

Oh yes, last night we sprinted between studios during the first night of pre-tour for the 2015 Philomath Open Studios. We managed to make it to 9 out of 17 studios. We have one more night to cover the remaining 8. Saturday, the studios all open at noon for the public. Let the sales begin! Actually, the pre-tour allows us to see everyone’s work and make purchases!  Thank goodness everyone carpooled otherwise it would have been a mess! Below are just a couple of photos from the evening. I didn’t manage to get images of all the studios because I forgot to pull out the camera. Amazing how seeing so many good friends and plenty of great art can cloud the brain.


Studio #9- Sabine Miner (encaustic) and Lyn Radosevich (mosaics). Sabine’s studio is inside a gorgeous barn!

Mike and Rinee

Studio #5- Mike Bergen (oil painting) and Rinee Merritt (kiln formed glass/mixed media).

Kitzman Sommers

Blue Studio #4B- Lee Kitzman (ceramics) and Merrill Sommers (metal sculpture). Lt Green Studio #4A- Laura Berman (fiber), Cris Kostol (jewelry), and Sally Ishikawa (glass/multi media)

kitzman 2

Lee Kitzman’s outdoor kiln space with plenty of pots for sale!

Debby Sundbaum Sommers Studio

Studio #3- Debby Sundbaum-Sommers (printmaker, painter) and Lisa Rossiter (jewelry)


Beautiful fall mushrooms at studio #5.

I suspect the public will find something tempting at all 17 studios!

Getting ready for POST!

October 20, 2015

2015 poster web

Philomath Open Studio Tour, October 24, 25, 31 & Nov. 1! Noon to 5pm each day!

I’ve been slowly building up a larger lamp inventory plus one new design. I’ve also pulled up some framed hand cut paper pieces. Plus an assortment of crazy ceramics and prints of native plants and fun dogs.  Sunday we gathered at Judi’s studio and set up. This year she generously invited Katheryn Byram and myself.

For more information and a map of participating studios, please click on this link:  Philomath Open Studio Tour

Hope to see you on one of the weekends!


September 30, 2015


It’s been quite a few months since I’ve pulled out the old sewing machine. Unfortunately, it was being cantankerous and not switching over to the regular functions after winding the bobbin thread. After about 15 min of fiddling, it magically went into regular stitch mode. I “doodled” over the paper using red thread. Not certain if it’s a winner yet, but I’ll keep moving this through the process. It’s all an experiment right now.

Tomorrow is the big MRI day. I wish it could be scanning both feet/ankles, but they are going for the original injury site. My therapist and I are keeping our fingers crossed that something productive will come out of this scan. With my luck, it will be nothing conclusive. I just wish I could function without pain. Maybe someday soon!

Trying something new

September 29, 2015


My hands are complaining about cutting paper. This time, it’s not just the right hand that was damaged by all the wire work back in 2014. Sigh…. so what can I do? Well, not much right now. I’m already swamped with physical therapy for my feet and trying to solve those issues (MRI on Thursday!). The hands need to wait a bit more.

Tuesday  I was looking for backing paper for a couple of maple leaf lamps and discovered the above paper. I must have purchased it during one of the ArtFest retreats in Port Angeles, Washington (and that was many years back). The paper is very thin and probably won’t hold up for direct application, so I’m attaching it to mulberry paper before a few more steps. Mmmmm…. this could be something interesting….. maybe. Stitching, wax, and maybe more.  The lamp will certainly be very unique!


A couple more lamp fronts to go before assembly. Time to purchase more wood. Somehow I never have enough supplies to finish projects.


September 21, 2015
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This morning I got up and went looking for Nigel. He wasn’t around, which was unusual since he loves his food and doesn’t miss out on a morning feeding. I went to the front door and called his special call. Nothing. I went out back and called. Nothing. Dread set in as I pulled on my shoes to check the main road. I didn’t have to look very far because he was there. Dead. There wasn’t any suffering.

He was my favorite of all our cats and we have so many fond memories with the big guy. He loved our dogs, especially Mocha, our first pointer. When Moby came into our life, he resumed his long lost pointer friendship with him. I was looking forward to spending lots of quality time with him this winter, cuddled on my lap. He had been with us for over 11 years and outlived both of his siblings.

I really won’t miss all the mice, voles, rabbits, birds, flying squirrels, and other critters he would bring in our house (as I smell a dead one right now, location yet to be determined).

I was going to write about honoring my mother’s spirit today, since it would have been her 85th birthday and we did tons of work out at her coast house this weekend. But I’ll save that for another day. One loss at a time.


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