Checking off projects

Seems like it’s been a while since posting any images of current lantern projects. Pregnancy has slowed me down a tad in energy and enthusiasm, but hopefully things are looking more rosy in the coming weeks. Texas Donation: Only missing the lamp guts. A Monday trip to my local lighting shop should take care ofContinue reading “Checking off projects”

Paper cutting

After one week I’ve managed to pull together the start for 4 lanterns in Gold, Lacquer Red, Celery Green and Burgundy. A second Copper color is also ready for cutting. One discovery this week has been the importance of sharp blades. It makes all the difference on one’s hand/finger muscles. Yes, muscles are a tadContinue reading “Paper cutting”

Paperlantern Update

Yesterday, before heading to Eugene for lunch, Dave & I stopped by J&J Electric in Albany. I was on a quest to find parts for the lamp. Very nice folks there! The gentleman listened to what I needed and took us in the back to show us parts. We discussed the possibilities and came awayContinue reading “Paperlantern Update”

Creating a Donation

The biggest fundraiser for the Jensen Arctic Museum is fast approaching and it’s certainly causing ripples in our household. Why would it be causing interest? The biggest reason is that Dave was elected president of the museum board several months back and the museum needs to migrate to a new location. Money, they need money!Continue reading “Creating a Donation”

Paper Lantern

This was a fun project from Helen Hiebert’s class at Sitka. Start with 4.5″ x 6″ card stock and create a design. I’ve been looking at all the beautiful growth on an Oregon Ash outside my front door. Next step is to cut away the negative space. You can create as many panels as youContinue reading “Paper Lantern”

Paper Screen Project

Here is the paper screen/ shoji screen project I learned during Helen Hiebert’s “Paper in 3D” class at Sitka. Each panel is 6″ wide by 12″ tall and created using balsa wood. Cutting lace paper to cover one side of project. Gluing down paper. Front and back covered in Thai paper. Next step is hinges.Continue reading “Paper Screen Project”

she project 2010

The phrase I received this year: She advocates for peace. What I came up with…. Peace symbols are cut paper stitched together and hanging from a top bar inside the frame, acting like a quilt. Background is watercolor and pencil.  Same frame as last year. Reception is on Thursday June 3 at the Corvallis publicContinue reading “she project 2010”