This winter I resumed feeding the wild birds for the enjoyment of it. The cats no longer have access to the area since it’s regularly patrolled by the canine pack. The birds are abundant and new furry faces are showing up. We’ve had a few squirrels visit the deck and surrounding trees over the pastContinue reading “Squirrel?”

Red Hood

Today is my birthday and I decided to do something for ME! No estate items, bills, worrying about stuff that needs to be accomplished. It’s my day and I spent it working on a charcoal drawing I’ve wanted to do for years. Oh yes, it does involve a dog. Back in 2007, I took aContinue reading “Red Hood”

Wishbone 2

I spent part of my day pulling out gesso and prepping paper for a maniere noire drawing only to discover the large hunks of charcoal in my box were really cruddy. To me, charcoal is supposed to lay down black, not grey. Maybe tomorrow I’ll get out for some new material. So rather than letContinue reading “Wishbone 2”


Resting on the kitchen windowsill are a pair of chicken wishbones. We haven’t pulled them apart yet, but it might be soon. A serious wish is needed for my father-in-law. I don’t mention my husbands family much but both of his parents are going through cancer. His father was doing better back in April withContinue reading “Wishbone”

Shell Sketch

This was today’s “quick” drawing of a sun-bleached whelk shell brought back from Kauai.  I think I must be wanting to head to the coast. Maybe I just want to be back in the islands away from responsibilities of life? Dreaming of less stressful days…. Anyway, it was an interesting exercise even if I didn’tContinue reading “Shell Sketch”

Rainy Day scribble practice

Rain. I didn’t expect it to really come, having hoped to do a bit more yard work today. Not that a little rain will keep me from the outdoors! But here we are, Moby & I, spending some quality time indoors exploring pencils and charcoal again. I probably should be experimenting with a watercolor washContinue reading “Rainy Day scribble practice”

Pulling out the charcoal

        Start of a poppy drawing: stage 1 & 2. How do I procrastinate from tasks needing work? Typically I pull out a completely unrelated art form like knitting scarves, printmaking or something totally different. Yesterday it was drawing with charcoal.  Maybe I can partly blame fellow blogger Rosie Scribblah in Wales. I adore herContinue reading “Pulling out the charcoal”

Dog nose up close

I’ve always struggled with drawing images. In school, I had a teacher hunt me down to turn in my sketchbook at terms end (he was the sculpture teacher and I think he really wanted to see how my brain worked). Sketchbooks become very personal and frankly, I just didn’t want him to have it!  SoContinue reading “Dog nose up close”

Artists@Work: End of our Month

Hard to believe our time is ending.  Wednesday will be our final day together as the show wraps up. I have really enjoyed spending so many hours in the Arts Center Studio with Julia, Elaine & Kendal.  I’ll save my wrap up thoughts until another entry. Here are the photos of our “studio space” cleanedContinue reading “Artists@Work: End of our Month”

Artists@Work: Day 17

Today was the last Saturday of our exhibit and the Seed Pod workshop. Not knowing how many people would attend the workshop or how to deal with people coming in at different times was hard, but my two helpers did an excellent job! A total of 15 people came to play in paper, including  theContinue reading “Artists@Work: Day 17”