Dogs on Display

It’s official, the dogs are really up. This is the first 2 person show I’ve done since my senior exhibit back in 2003. Kind of scary, but good. Check out the site at The Arts Center or better yet, get in there and see it for yourself. It will be up until May 25. ArtContinue reading “Dogs on Display”

Darkening the dog

There are always parts I want to go back change in any of my prints. Certain sections that should have received more shadow, certain colors that really didn’t alter much. For the most part, I think it’s going alright (except for that foot). I’m still learning how far to push values and resolving an image.Continue reading “Darkening the dog”

Drawing Fluid Friday

I’m always surprised at how long it takes to get everything prepped and ready for a new print. Paper cut, screen cleaned and ready, drawing situated under the screen to transfer. Blah, blah, blah!  The new image is of  a border collie named Hobie belonging to good friends Jim & Kate. I decided to takeContinue reading “Drawing Fluid Friday”

Old Friends

Here they are at last, hot off the press… well, screen anyway! Taking an extended break from the screen and colors isn’t always a good thing. I lose track of where and what I’ve been doing, not to mention the color scheme for the piece. Nothing is ever perfect and life is all about learning,Continue reading “Old Friends”

Making things pretty

Thursday, I took a break from printmaking and delved into another art, the art of matting. It would be fun to just pin prints to the wall, but galleries tend to frown on this. They do like images presented in a clean format with mat and frame.  I think this is the reason I don’tContinue reading “Making things pretty”

Oh so close, but not yet finished!

Tuesday my eyes and lower back were acting up.  Just what I need right now! The eye thing is probably allergy related. Anyway, I experienced several glitches with the screen. First, I struggled with deciding where to draw the line between color 6 & 7.  The darker values are a lot harder to decipher. MoreContinue reading “Oh so close, but not yet finished!”

Julie and Glenn: day 2

Having an 80 lb dog trying to snuggle while writing is a bit impossible! But here we go. I managed to pull one color today. I hoped for more but other issues popped up (trust related & renter stuff  that’s really icky compared to getting art done). The dog agrees with this too. An apologyContinue reading “Julie and Glenn: day 2”

Completing 7 colors

Whew! The past 4 days have been filled with one print and I think I can proclaim it finished. One more checked off the list of 12. Here are the final 3 colors. So close! And the finished image… This finished image is 6″x6″. 8 colors total (including the white of the paper). Rives BFKContinue reading “Completing 7 colors”

Orange to Brown

Monday was a good printing day.  I managed to pop out 3 colors on the new Moby Lick image. Sunday I started with pink. Monday started with a peachy/burnt orange color then moved to reddish brown and finally a chocolate brown. Peachy burnt orange over pink. Next color (reddish brown) Final color today. So far,Continue reading “Orange to Brown”