Cleaning screens and starting fresh

Friday afternoon I decided to start yet another screen print of Moby. I’ve been hesitant to start due to the unresolved problems surrounding the last image (still in the works). What a great opportunity to try a new batch of extender uncovered from my dad’s studio. The label says it’s Speedball Extender, but it mightContinue reading “Cleaning screens and starting fresh”

Screen Woes

I feel like I’ve stacked the deck for failure with this print by incorporating way too many variables. First, I chose to use a different screen and registration system. Both of which are yielding enormous headaches on their own. Then I chose an image with  multiple value changes. Not a horrible thing, but certainly moreContinue reading “Screen Woes”

Sunday colors

I got a break from dog walking/care today. My husband took Moby out for a huge walk at Peavy.  Sunshine and beautiful blue sky, though it’s not super warm. This break allowed me to stay home and work through a few colors on the next screen print. Not feeling the love on color 3, butContinue reading “Sunday colors”

Discovering Lost Blocks

April is looming! Especially since I have a 2 person show of dog prints and my print portfolio hasn’t increased much over the past year. You may think that’s months away, right?  Well, I don’t work quickly on prints when my brain is taxed with other events. To help clear mental cobwebs, I spent aContinue reading “Discovering Lost Blocks”

Going to the Dogs

During the final week of September, local artists were able to submit a trio of works to be juried into the Corrine Woodman gallery for the 2013 season. I hmmed and hawed and finally submitted three dog print images. They were all works viewed by friends on Facebook , Etsy, or for those who happenedContinue reading “Going to the Dogs”

2 colors down

   Lack of useable colored etching ink has thrown some of my printmaking into a standstill. However, there is always screen printing! My inks for that style are also getting old but still useable. A couple of years ago I switched from Speedball to Versa and I’m not very happy. Maybe it’s the extender butContinue reading “2 colors down”

Bowls and prints out the door!

I had a few side emails from friends & family wondering how the bowls turned out. Nothing exploded in the kiln, which is a good thing! They were plopped into the kiln on the damp side after glazing. Those muffled thuds must have come from the neighbors house, not my garage. This is all aContinue reading “Bowls and prints out the door!”

Annie in red test

Decisions, decisions… What color to choose for Annie’s scarf? I did an experiment using red vellum & a pair of scissors to get an idea. It  involved creating two prints & combining…. not what I would actually be doing. There was a discovery when printing on vellum:  oil based ink doesn’t dry. Wonder if theContinue reading “Annie in red test”

Annie getting closer…

It’s been almost a week since working on Annie. My mental deadline for accomplishing 4 dog prints before Thanksgiving has been blown. Oh well! Life happens amongst art projects.  Still working my way to the center of this block (nose & mouth zone) and trying to figure out how the scarf should be draping aroundContinue reading “Annie getting closer…”

Pug time!

Here comes Annie, bursting through the block. She lives in Corvallis with an incredible family I dearly love. Four in all: Bruce works with my husband Dave, Ella is a phenomenal mosaic artist (Sacred Shard Mosaics) plus good friend, and the girls are just the best (artists, athletes…. you name it!! They graciously share Annie’sContinue reading “Pug time!”