The big move: Camas installation in Halsey

The Camas are finally at their new home! So how does one move 7 panels and 8 camas 20.7 miles? Carefully and in 2 trips. Start by hinging panels.   Then load in the back of the car. Take to the newly painted and roofed library building in Halsey. And start installing while having aContinue reading “The big move: Camas installation in Halsey”


A few days back I learned a tad more about my upcoming space. The building length is  21 feet or 6.4 meters. My floor height, interior and exterior, are equal (except down on the sidewalk). Plus I will have the full front space, up to 5 feet from the windows, including the front door!  So that meansContinue reading “Figuring”

Light Instructions

Today was just fun. I spent mid-day out with a very good friend in Philomath. We looked for turtles, checked out her sheep, watched the wild birds, and she even let me try out her new kayak on the pond. Wow! I’ve gotta get one of those!!! So much fun! After playing out at her place IContinue reading “Light Instructions”

Red Hood

Today is my birthday and I decided to do something for ME! No estate items, bills, worrying about stuff that needs to be accomplished. It’s my day and I spent it working on a charcoal drawing I’ve wanted to do for years. Oh yes, it does involve a dog. Back in 2007, I took aContinue reading “Red Hood”

Filling in the page

Last night I was too tired and hot to even consider picking up a pencil. My day had been filled with more time in Eugene working on the house. Dinner didn’t even come together until after 9pm, but those pesto turkey burgers were yummy! Moby’s next image came this morning as I worked on myContinue reading “Filling in the page”

Sketching Sheep

Coming to a workshop fairly unprepared isn’t the greatest feeling, especially when images are what it’s all about! Fortunately, my computer was loaded with a variety of photos so I spent some time sketching before the second print. I’ve spent the last many months working on dogs images, so why not switch to a differentContinue reading “Sketching Sheep”

In the Maniere Noire style

I returned Tuesday from 4 intense days of creating art thanks to the incredible Rose Davies. She traveled from Swansea Wales (yes, from the UK!) all the way to little ol’ Idaho to introduce 6 artists to a more advanced monotype technique. The workshop was offered by Wingtip Press operated by Amy Nack in Boise.Continue reading “In the Maniere Noire style”

Art in Rural Storefronts: Sweet Home Reception

What:    “Art in Rural Storefronts”, Meet the Artists Reception in Sweet Home, Oregon Where:  Mountain View Plaza, Suite D, 401 Main Street, Sweet Home, Sweet Home Economic Development Group When:  Jan.18, 2013 at  5 PM, light refreshments. More Info: On Friday January 18th at 5 PM, The Arts Center and the Sweet Home Economic Development Group host a receptionContinue reading “Art in Rural Storefronts: Sweet Home Reception”

She Protected Them

The She Project rolled into action Friday night. This happened to be perfect, since I’d spent the day outside working in the yard, enjoying all the sunshine and colors. Dave didn’t get home until around 8:30 and by that time it was finished. This year my phrase was “She Protected Them”. This is what IContinue reading “She Protected Them”

Artists @ Work Postcard!

July 2 – 27, 2011 Participating Artists Gale Everett, Elaine Green, Kendal Hathaway, Julia Lont __________________________ Reception: July 7, 1st Thursday Art Walk, 5:30-7:30pm Brown Bag Art Talk: Wednesday, July 13, 12Noon Other Related Events: See: WWW.THEARTSCENTER.NET Gallery Hours: 12-5pm Tuesday – Saturday Please don’t forget Dine for the Arts July 7th at Big RiverContinue reading “Artists @ Work Postcard!”