The creature…

from the mud lagoon appeared in the yard today. Ya never know what you’ll find after the snow melts. Oh my, he has interesting feet… He looks awful happy… should I bring him inside??? Just look at those cute mud dreadlocks hanging from his face!!! Now the realization sets in that he’s up S***T creekContinue reading “The creature…”


This morning I sit sipping coffee with my spotted companion curled up on the couch next to me and a heating pad on my back. Life has been full of, well, life stuff I guess. We had a giant push to get Dave off to Alaska and as far as I know, he’s really thereContinue reading “Quiet”

Another Eye

Another Moby dog eye sketch from last night. I spent the day cleaning and disassembling my dad’s work room and made some serious progress. His studio space and my sister’s old room are empty! (For those who don’t know me, I’m in the process of clearing out my parents house after their deaths) Last nightContinue reading “Another Eye”

Orange to Brown

Monday was a good printing day.  I managed to pop out 3 colors on the new Moby Lick image. Sunday I started with pink. Monday started with a peachy/burnt orange color then moved to reddish brown and finally a chocolate brown. Peachy burnt orange over pink. Next color (reddish brown) Final color today. So far,Continue reading “Orange to Brown”

Mystery Screen: color 4

It’s not much of a mystery any more. Yes, this color certainly brought out the “dog” in the print. I’ve been having fun working with the same container of ink but just altering the values as I go. Add a little more blue, more red, more extender and there ya go. Mr “Counter Surfer” extraordinaireContinue reading “Mystery Screen: color 4”

Discovering Lost Blocks

April is looming! Especially since I have a 2 person show of dog prints and my print portfolio hasn’t increased much over the past year. You may think that’s months away, right?  Well, I don’t work quickly on prints when my brain is taxed with other events. To help clear mental cobwebs, I spent aContinue reading “Discovering Lost Blocks”

Spring Snow 2012: day 2

Spring Snow 2012 Continued! Early afternoon on Wednesday I took a 2 mile loop with Moby. Very wet snow but a nice walk. Nearing the boardwalk Moby pointing at ducks in the marsh area. Our house before the extra snow. The snow kept falling for the entire day and increased after 6pm during our secondContinue reading “Spring Snow 2012: day 2”

So close!

After a weekend of no water in the house and plumbing woes out of the way, the Moby print came back in focus. There will be one more color for the border, but for the most part things are looking pretty complete. Keeping the print paper properly lined up (registration) can often be a challenge.Continue reading “So close!”

Critters, Vet time and Mosaics

This morning I woke to my furry household members demanding food. Feeding critters is always the first thing on the agenda. With one bouncy dog (Moby) and one ever watchful arthritic geriatric dog (George), the cat (Nigel) typically jumps right in for his share of attention. But today was different. He normally begs  & criesContinue reading “Critters, Vet time and Mosaics”

Dog nose up close

I’ve always struggled with drawing images. In school, I had a teacher hunt me down to turn in my sketchbook at terms end (he was the sculpture teacher and I think he really wanted to see how my brain worked). Sketchbooks become very personal and frankly, I just didn’t want him to have it!  SoContinue reading “Dog nose up close”