Ink change

Today, my finger joints were bugging me so I chose to do limited work on the block. Gripping the dry point needle is very uncomfortable. There remains quite a bit to resolve on the bird and fingers but I’m feeling good about the whole image. A proof using thickened oil based ink (a bunch ofContinue reading “Ink change”

Filling in the page

Last night I was too tired and hot to even consider picking up a pencil. My day had been filled with more time in Eugene working on the house. Dinner didn’t even come together until after 9pm, but those pesto turkey burgers were yummy! Moby’s next image came this morning as I worked on myContinue reading “Filling in the page”

Moby’s Eye

I’m probably going to bore you guys to tears with the dog eye images. Eyes have always been of interest to me and it seems like doing sketches will help with something down the line. Since Mr Moby is always available, he will be my main subject.  For this image, I was waiting around forContinue reading “Moby’s Eye”

Zaffa’s Eye

It’s not that often we are asked by friends to take on one of their dogs as a house guest. Most often it’s Ms Maggie, the border collie, who comes to visit. This week it’s a senior dog named Zaffa. She had never been to our place or met any of our household critter population.Continue reading “Zaffa’s Eye”

Tea Break & DMV

I’ve not been doing a speck of art for well over a week. Instead, I’ve been swamped with trying to get serious about clearing out the old homestead. Yuck!  Yesterday, I was in melt down mode after some painful emails with family and spending a wasted 1.5 hrs in line at DMV (department of motorContinue reading “Tea Break & DMV”

Wayward brain at work

Last Saturday and next Saturday are designated  “fill in days” at the Arts Center of Corvallis.  My buddy Suzanne has torn herself away from the front desk for a dream trip of gallery hopping in Santa Fe, NM. With her gone, I was given the opportunity to step back into my old job. It’s alwaysContinue reading “Wayward brain at work”

Wishbone 2

I spent part of my day pulling out gesso and prepping paper for a maniere noire drawing only to discover the large hunks of charcoal in my box were really cruddy. To me, charcoal is supposed to lay down black, not grey. Maybe tomorrow I’ll get out for some new material. So rather than letContinue reading “Wishbone 2”

Limpet and the Volcano

A Keyhole Limpet shell. They resemble little volcanoes, which is very appropriate for today. Back on Sunday morning May 18, 1980, Mount St Helens in Washington State erupted.  The entire house shook with the explosion, stronger than any sonic boom I had experienced before. We lived in Eugene,  approximately 150  miles south of the mountain. Continue reading “Limpet and the Volcano”

Rainy Day scribble practice

Rain. I didn’t expect it to really come, having hoped to do a bit more yard work today. Not that a little rain will keep me from the outdoors! But here we are, Moby & I, spending some quality time indoors exploring pencils and charcoal again. I probably should be experimenting with a watercolor washContinue reading “Rainy Day scribble practice”

Sketching Sheep

Coming to a workshop fairly unprepared isn’t the greatest feeling, especially when images are what it’s all about! Fortunately, my computer was loaded with a variety of photos so I spent some time sketching before the second print. I’ve spent the last many months working on dogs images, so why not switch to a differentContinue reading “Sketching Sheep”